linear leaf

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Noun1.linear leaf - a long slender leaflinear leaf - a long slender leaf      
simple leaf - a leaf that is not divided into parts
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It has a 4'4-pound SA trigger pull and the smoothness of the double action is attributed by Colt to what they call the Linear Leaf Mainspring.
Indirectly, leaf area can be measured by area estimation models as a function of linear leaf dimensions, which is advantageous in relation to the direct destructive method because more than one measurement can be made in the same leaves over time, which is interesting in growth analysis studies (OLFATI et al.
Get crafty with the sewing machine or needle and thread for your own take on the nature theme with John Lewis' great furnishing fabrics ( we especially like Linear Leaf ( pounds 12 per metre, or Harlequin's fresh and funky Indochina Mimosa range, pounds 25 per metre for prints and pounds 45 for embroideries and silks.