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Noun1.linear operator - an operator that obeys the distributive law: A(f+g) = Af + Ag (where f and g are functions)
operator - (mathematics) a symbol or function representing a mathematical operation
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A map [PHI]: [M.sub.n](H) [right arrow] [M.sub.n](H) is said to be a right quaternion linear map if [PHI] satisfies
In a Hom-Lie algebra, the Jacobi identity is twisted by a linear map, called the Hom-Jacobi identity.
(i) A Hom-algebra is a triple (A, *, [alpha]) in which A is a K-vector space, * : A x A [right arrow] A a bilinear map (the binary operation), and a : A [right arrow] A a linear map (the twisting map).
If a linear map h : [C.sub.p](X) [right arrow] [C.sub.p](Y) is continuous, then h is continuous as a map [C.sub.k](X) [right arrow] [C.sub.k](Y).
A controllability map of (A(t), B(t), -) on [0, [tau]] is a bounded linear map [B.sub.[tau]] : [L.sub.p]([0, [tau]]; U) [right arrow] X defined by
(b) there exists a linear map [[PHI].sub.[pi]] : U [cross product] U [right arrow] g, called the [PHI]-map of the pentad, satisfying an equation
Now define the linear map [phi] : A [right arrow]* Ho[m.sub.k](H, A), [phi](a)(h) = h ** a.
At first, some properties for basic operations such as the XOR operation, the three-forked branching operation, and the linear map will be introduced.
Based on the approximate linear map relations between femur parameters and plate parameters proposed in our previous study [11] as described in Figure 5, the detailed parameter values can be atomically evaluated.
Let A and B be complex Banach algebras and let [phi] : A [right arrow] B be a linear map. Then [phi] is called n-homomorphism if for all [a.sub.1], [a.sub.2], ..., [a.sub.n] [member of] A,
Frontier is a massive space station located close to Neptune, while Frost is a medium-paced linear map located in a research station on one of Jupiter's moons, ( according to IGN.
For instance, let A [member of] [R.sup.nxn] be symmetric, and consider it as a linear map (x [right arrow] Ax) from X = [R.sup.n] to its dual.