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Noun1.linear operator - an operator that obeys the distributive law: A(f+g) = Af + Ag (where f and g are functions)
operator - (mathematics) a symbol or function representing a mathematical operation
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Gil' examines norm estimates for operator-valued functions of one and two operator arguments, as well as their application to spectrum perturbations of operators and to linear operator problems--that is, to equations whose solutions are linear operators.
Let A be a bounded or closed linear operator in a Banach space X and let f be a X-valued function.
For solving nonlinear algebraic equations for a two-point BVPs for second-order nonlinear differential equations, the famous authors Adomian and Rach introduce the double decomposition method in organize to keep away and the different transform inverse linear operator introduce by Jang and Ebaid.
2] [not equal to] 0 are auxiliary parameters, L is an auxiliary linear operator and [H.
Our linear operator can be written as the sum of two basic operators: differentiation (D) and identity (I).
We considered the general form of inhomogeneous nonlinear partial differential equations with initial conditions as given below Equations the remaining linear operator represents a general nonlinear differential operator and was source term.
The book then goes into predictor HAM and spectral HAM, characterizes the stability of the method given variation of the linear operator and convergence-control parameters, and carefully assesses the convergence conditions of the method.
B is a bounded linear operator from E into E, the control u [member of] [L.
00) which focuses upon an associative algebra together with a linear operator that satisfies an identity abstracted from the integration by part formula in calculus.
The conditions and recipe for fractionalization of a linear operator [?

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