Linear problem

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(Geom.) a problem which may be solved geometrically by the use of right lines alone.

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We then implemented the constructed maximum principle to obtain a norm estimate of solutions to the linear problem and to prove a uniqueness result for the nonlinear problem.
Myriad clinical presentations demand that clinicians step away from linear problem solving and view the patient as part of a complex system.
The terms [mathematical expression not reproducible] are found in the linear problems, respectively, because [u.sub.0] in (8) is the weak solution of the linear problem
These methods rely on an indicator function computed on the (properly sampled) imaging domain through an auxiliary linear problem, whose values determine whether the tested point lies inside or outside the scatter.
However, for some practical problems, even if the independent variables have a co linear problem, we still want to establish the regression formula of the dependent variable Y and the given independent variables, such as the problem of economic analysis.
From a didactical point of view, according to the authors, the problem is that any linear problem, within the reach of a first year university student, can be solved without using the axiomatic theory.
The region of stability and instability of the linear problem for the value of eccentricity "e" = 0 has been analyzed using simulation technique of the problem.
Let us analyze the existence of solutions of the dispersion equation for the linear problem. From (28), with [alpha] = 0, we obtain g([lambda]) = 0.
We construct another PPT B that makes use of A to solve the decision linear problem.
* That engaging in highly immersed observation unshackles you from the constraints of conventional planning, analytical thinking, and linear problem solving.
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