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tr.v. lin·e·ar·ized, lin·e·ar·iz·ing, lin·e·ar·iz·es
To put or project in linear form.

lin′e·ar·i·za′tion (-ər-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
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(ˌlɪnɪəraɪˈzeɪʃən) or


(Mathematics) a mathematical process of finding the linear approximation of inputs and corresponding outputs
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Discussing stability problems of certain classes of hybrid and shock systems, Martynyuk, Radziszewsky, and Szadkowski cover hybrid systems on a time scale with behavior described by dynamic equations; hybrid systems with after-effects under pulse perturbations; hybrid weakly-coupled systems with subsystems defined in the Banach spaces; mechanical systems with impact described by the Poincare mapping; the bouncing-ball model expressed by discrete mapping and difference equations; and common-recurrence equations and inequalities, linearization techniques, and global estimates.
The amplifiers come with optional adaptive linearization. Within satellite uplink amplifiers' signal linearization is critical since it produces a significantly cleaner signal from the amplifier.
The R&S PKU100 is the only instrument on the market to offer adaptive linearization. This improves signal quality, enabling network operators to transmit significantly more data over the same signal bandwidth.
"We accounted for the complex sampling design of NHANES (by) using Taylor series linearization and sampling weights, per the NHANES analytic guidelines, to ensure unbiased and nationally representative estimates," the authors explained.
Basic concepts of RF Analog Circuit Design are developed with the technical topics discussed including: Wireless Communication System; RF Oscillators and Phase Locked Loops; Modulator and Demodulator Circuits; RF Mixers; Automatic Gain Control and Limiters; Microwave Circuits, Transmission Lines and S-Parameters; Matching Networks; Linear Amplifier Design and Power Amplifiers; and Linearization Techniques.
The linearization of opinions by INEC and EFCC has just undermined democracy itself because politicians must canvass for votes and they must spend money to get attention in the first place; if a politician's domain is broad and he is surrounded by rivals and he has the wherewithal to do grassroots campaign outreaches he must necessarily spend.
The main tools used to solve the linearization problem are transformations such as point, contact, tangent, and generalized Sundman transformations.
It is noted that the main difference between the inversion approach and conventional method lies in that the resulting design model is achieved by the state feedback, thus keeping the exact dynamics in contrast to the approximating linearization [9].
The Equivalent Linearization Method is one of the common approaches to approximate analysis of dynamical systems.
Frequently neglected or mitigated technologies include linearization, which should be an integral part of creating and maintaining the output profile of the device.
Hence, the third contribution of this study is putting forward an improved approximate linearization approach that, respectively, linearizes the EETC function for transferring and nontransferring passengers.