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1. Of, relating to, or resembling a line; straight.
a. In, of, describing, described by, or related to a straight line.
b. Having only one dimension.
3. Characterized by, composed of, or emphasizing drawn lines rather than painterly effects.
4. Botany Narrow and elongated with nearly parallel margins: a linear leaf.

[Latin līneāris, from līnea, line; see line1.]

lin′e·ar′i·ty (-âr′ĭ-tē) n.
lin′e·ar·ly adv.
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Adv.1.linearly - in a linear manner; "linearly polarized radiation"; "it grew linearly"
geometrically - in a geometric fashion; "it grew geometrically"
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Over-densities in causal contact grow linearly through perturbation theory, however some regions can grow non-linearly leading to eventual collapse into halos.
Over the next 30 years, they decreased approximately linearly, falling to just under 10% over marginal cost at the beginning of the 1980s.
Given HARA utility, the RTN background risk is actually a combination of an additive and a multiplicative background risk, that is, a linearly dependent background risk.
Although, the market breadth linearly sustained the bull with 25 advancers in contrast to 24 losers, with.
The core of their argument is directed locally affine partitions on cone-Lipschitz foliations, and from Ck-fibrations to linearly ordered Ck-Lipschitz foliations.
There exists a constant [b.sup.*.sub.2] such that the semitrivial steady state (0, [[theta].sub.d]) is linearly stable if [b.sub.2] > [b.sup.*.sub.2] and is linearly unstable if [b.sub.2] < [b.sup.*.sub.2].
In the network coding, each intermediate node linearly combines packets rather than simply storing and forwarding the incoming packets.
The simulation results show the CPC and diode-like AT effect for linearly polarized waves in an ultra-broadband frequency range of 4.36-14.91 GHz, where polarization conversion ratio (PCR) is greater than 95%, which agrees well with experiment.
The acceleration of the participant's vehicle was varied from -0.04 m/s2 to +0.06 m/s2 linearly as a function of the angle of the gas pedal with a 0.1-second delay.
The acceleration of the participant's vehicle was varied from -0.04 m/[s.sup.2] to +0.06 m/[s.sup.2] linearly as a function of the angle of the gas pedal with a 1-second delay.
Thus, the main inductor current decreases linearly. If the switch is turned on under zero-current switching because of the resonant inductor L3.
If linearly polarized radiation is used, the initial shape of microwells can be restored by turning the polarization by 90[degrees].

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