A lover of languages and words.

[Latin lingua, tongue, language; see lingua + -phile.]
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My time away shaped me into the bibliophile and linguaphile I am today.
Or so thought James Boyd White, young academic, linguaphile, new father.
Writing for students, teachers, linguists, linguaphiles, and native speakers, she considers why Spanish works the way it does.
Whenever a logo-gistical problem arises, my default position is always, always, ALWAYS to inspect etymology (this, btw, if you happen to be a teacher or tutor, is an excellent practice to pass on to student linguaphiles, akin to handing a microscope to a biologist) to decide whether the too oft-clumsily applied practice first of the basic use and then of the augmentation of words has been observed with any degree of propriety at each level.
Others to creep in to the favourite book of crossword addicts and linguaphiles are call centre, control freak, and ladette.