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also lin·gui·ni  (lĭng-gwē′nē)
Pasta in long, flat, thin strands.

[Italian, pl. of linguina, diminutive of lingua, tongue, from Latin; see lingua.]
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Noun1.linguini - pasta in long slender flat stripslinguini - pasta in long slender flat strips  
alimentary paste, pasta - shaped and dried dough made from flour and water and sometimes egg
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For his two dishes, Mannino prepared Linguine Con Vongole, linguini with clams in a white wine sauce, and Linguine al Limone, featuring mussels, shrimp and clams in a lemony cream sauce.
LINGUINE CARBONARA FROM THE STORE CUPBOARD Olive oil, salt, pepper INGREDIENTS FROM TESCO Block of Parmesan cheese (200g), PS2.80 Smoked streaky bacon (300g), PS2 Garlic, 30p 6 free range eggs, 89p Linguini (500g), 56p METHOD TOTAL PS6.55 Serves Cost per PS1.63 1 Grate three quarters of the Parmesan into a bowl.
It's definitely a place to order the frutti di mare, which combines Gulf white shrimp, scallops, mussels and clams with garlic, diced Roma tomatoes and basil chiffonade sauteed in olive oil and tossed with a choice of linguini or gluten-free pasta.
Reilly's menu features daily fresh fish dishes, as well as signatures such as fish and chips, buckets of muscles and oysters, lobster linguini, baked cheesecake and sticky date pudding.
Get ready for her right royal crab and cod fishcakes, saucy seafood linguini, and the ultimate knickerbocker glory.
The alcohol added oomph to the molluscs' juices, which were served in a stockpot, and she used the bread to soak up the remaining delicious sauce I went for seafood linguini, which was Menai mussels, prawn and crab linguini, with olive oil, lemon, fresh parsley and chili.
Matthew Dion said Summer Linguini and Clams is about bright flavors that you can get with local produce and fresh seafood.
The pasta known as linguini gets its name from the Italian word for what?
For our first recipe for Linguini with Spicy Prawns all you will need is bag of fresh linguini, some good quality olive oil; 4 large cloves of garlic - for true garlic lovers more cloves can be added if desired; good quality Parmesan; chilli flakes; some large prawns, pealed; some coriander to garnish.