linguistic competence

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Noun1.linguistic competence - (linguistics) a speaker's implicit, internalized knowledge of the rules of their language (contrasted with linguistic performance)
competence, competency - the quality of being adequately or well qualified physically and intellectually
linguistics - the scientific study of language
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Summary: New Delhi [India], Aug 1 (ANI): Gurgaon-based IoT company Trak N Tell has announced enhancing of its linguistic competence with the addition of Hindi lingo to it.
It reveals itself as the intertwining of three main drives which, by no means, are to be considered as antagonistic or detrimental to each other: linguistic competence, intercultural competence, and otherness.
A Diversity and Inclusion Training Action Planning grant of over $275,000 was awarded to the Georgetown University UCEDD to lead a consortium, including the UCEDDs at the University of Southern California and Georgia State University, that will develop a diversity training curriculum that builds the skills, knowledge, strategies, and methods to guide the work of sustaining diversity and cultural and linguistic competence within developmental disability programs.
AbdAlgane and Ali stress the importance of selecting literary texts that are not too complex for the students' linguistic competence level, but conclude that a well selected text is a great tool to teach English to non-native speakers (249).
The other trend that appears to be growing is cognitive linguistics--that is, the study of the relationship between linguistic competence and general human cognitive capacities.
On the NYS level, the OMH developed Official Policy Directive PC-502 titled Cultural and Linguistic Competence.
The NCIHC award recognizes a person, program, or organization whose work helps improve the lives of others through the "promotion of linguistic competence in healthcare.
There are eight papers: towards a multidisciplinary perspective on language competence; correlation between theoretical knowledge of grammar and performance in the production of written texts; effects of forward lexical transfer on formality level as an L2 English competency; LSP and sociocultural competences; text competence; instructional semantics and linguistic competence; performance and competence in usage-based construction grammar; linguistic competences.
This feature of the collection demands a fair level of linguistic competence from any reader who might intend to go through the book from start to finish, but given the heterogeneous nature of the topics covered in the work, it seems likely that most readers would want to focus on one or a few specific chapters rather than attempting to take in the volume as a whole.
Developed by Wayside's exceptional team of educational authors, materials on the Learning Site will help students develop the necessary cultural and linguistic competence to communicate effectively.
The notion that factors independent of any person's linguistic competence might block his ability to exploit the inherent dynamic of language is of considerable social as well as theoretical significance.

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