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Noun1.linguistic context - discourse that surrounds a language unit and helps to determine its interpretation
discourse - extended verbal expression in speech or writing
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"The knowledge of other linguistic, paralinguistic, exolinguistic resources is equally important to professional, social and personal success in life." She explains that the linguistic context refers to culturally specific words from languages that are not necessarily spoken fluently; paralinguistic is a variation of pitch, tempo and loudness of voice, including the knowledge to use pauses effectively and strategically; and exolinguistic resources teach how to use body language and facial expressions as per cultural and social norms.
"Some researchers have argued convincingly that living as a bilingual person and having to switch languages unconsciously to respond to the linguistic context in which the communication is taking place increases cognitive flexibility," Nadig added.
Hence, the interest (via enrichment) has determined (i) the contribution of the expression "to get some cash" to the truth-conditions of the sentence, and accordingly (ii) the relevant linguistic context for disambiguation of "bank" in the specific situation.
So, in this paper, we intend to propose a method considering the interaction among criteria in hesitant fuzzy linguistic context which can handle more fuzzy and uncertain information.
The use of linguistic context has also been examined in many studies.
Apparently, it is in this linguistic context that Scruggs uses "translingual narration" to refer to the body of materials of his study: short fiction of the colonial period, as well as films of colonial topics produced in colonial and postcolonial times.
Let me put this into a wider linguistic context. While at that time I was proud of being able to follow news about the economy and politics, having acquired a kind of SMS Turkish paired with deciphering breaking news, particularly since I was watching a Turkish station in addition to an English-language channel and even more so as I had started reading Turkish headlines while reading English-language newspapers, my social conversation abilities were, frankly speaking, too low for zero.
Also in texts 4, 16, 22, 24, 32 and 35, the praise-singer employs the socio-cultural situational and linguistic context (in the categories of metaphor and symbolism) to 'pract' warning.
On the other hand, the role of the linguistic context (or co-text in Hohenhaus' terminology) should not be overestimated because each naming unit is somehow context-dependent in speech (Stekauer 2002: 98).
In order to understand the social and linguistic context in Amman, I will try to shed light on the latest political and social developments that Amman, the capital of Jordan, has witnessed over the last fifteen years.
Karwowska argues that the (re)creation of a home in a new historical, geographic, cultural, and linguistic context often becomes the foundation of female migration stories.

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