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Noun1.linguistic context - discourse that surrounds a language unit and helps to determine its interpretation
discourse - extended verbal expression in speech or writing
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Some researchers have argued convincingly that living as a bilingual person and having to switch languages unconsciously to respond to the linguistic context in which the communication is taking place increases cognitive flexibility," Nadig added.
Scholars of the Arabic language, Islam, and the Middle East place Arabic in its historical and linguistic context, covering what Arabic is, Arabic in its epigraphic context, Classical Arabic in context, Qur'anic Arabic in context, and Middle and Modern Arabic in context.
It finds the perfect balance between linguistic context and medical text negation, ensuring that a search of no evidence of pneumonia does not result in a diagnosis of pneumonia.
Apparently, it is in this linguistic context that Scruggs uses "translingual narration" to refer to the body of materials of his study: short fiction of the colonial period, as well as films of colonial topics produced in colonial and postcolonial times.
The linguistic context implies the relationship which exists among words in a given utterance, while the socio-cultural context presupposes how the social and cultural beliefs affect the meaning of an utterance.
On the other hand, the role of the linguistic context (or co-text in Hohenhaus' terminology) should not be overestimated because each naming unit is somehow context-dependent in speech (Stekauer 2002: 98).
In order to understand the social and linguistic context in Amman, I will try to shed light on the latest political and social developments that Amman, the capital of Jordan, has witnessed over the last fifteen years.
Karwowska argues that the (re)creation of a home in a new historical, geographic, cultural, and linguistic context often becomes the foundation of female migration stories.
However, while there exist approaches proposing mechanisms and tools for assisting the process of annotation (in a semi-automatic setting), this is commonly carried out on each of the attributes of the service in an isolated way, neglecting their meaning in the linguistic context configured by the rest of the elements comprising the service descriptor (Aksoy et al.
LVCSR systems start with phonetic recognition, but then convert the results into text and apply linguistic context to create higher accuracy.
This was the first time that I made a film in a cultural and linguistic context that is totally new for me," Ghazvinizadeh said.
Further, as anyone who is multilingual knows, language is culturally driven, reminding us that when we read the Bible on a daily or weekly basis it is already in translation, removed from its original cultural and linguistic context (the Greek or Hebrew languages).

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