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Noun1.linguistic relation - a relation between linguistic forms or constituents
relation - an abstraction belonging to or characteristic of two entities or parts together
grammatical relation - a linguistic relation established by grammar
semantic relation - a relation between meanings
homonymy - the relation between two words that are spelled the same way but differ in meaning or the relation between two words that are pronounced the same way but differ in meaning
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The rich diversity of SC tradition is well represented with penetrating treatments of the tradition's ethnic and linguistic relation to Judaism; its contributions to Arabic and Greek literature and culture; and its role in the development of Armenian, Coptic, and Georgian Christianities.
In all three instances where the Qur'an mentions al-mann,4 it uses one of the variants of the verb nazala, to emphatically state that the mann was actually sent down--but if it is to be found as a naturally growing plant Alhagi maurorum Medic of the Leguminosae family, or as Tamarix mannifera Bunge of the Tamaricaceae family, then how can we account for the Qur'anic account that it was a special blessing to the Children of Israel--a Qur'anic description that is further strengthened through a linguistic relation between the fruit mentioned by the Qur'an and one of the meanings of the word name given to it; mann means "favor".
The conventional linguistic view would have to be that the time separations involved are too great for any linguistic relation to be provable.
The first focuses on the linguistic relation; the second on the rhetorics of narrative; and the third on discourses related to humiliation and exaltation involving Israel and other peoples, sin, illness and recovery, death and descendants, and rhetorics of personification.
Sahasrabuddhe, who is visiting Tehran to take part in Seminar "Linguistic Relations between Persian and Sanskrit", for his part, called for setting up of center of studies on religions in Iran, saying that the Islam in Iran is an advanced type of Islam which looks at future and enjoy high respect across the world.
Despite these limitations, our results nevertheless add to the literature on intergroup and linguistic relations by documenting the perceptions of Canadian Anglophones living in a majority setting.