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link 1

1. One of the rings or loops forming a chain.
a. A unit in a connected series of units: links of sausage; one link in a molecular chain.
b. A unit in a transportation or communications system.
c. A connecting element; a tie or bond: grandparents, our link with the past.
a. An association; a relationship: The Alumnae Association is my link to the school's present administration.
b. A causal, parallel, or reciprocal relationship; a correlation: Researchers have detected a link between smoking and heart disease.
4. A cufflink.
5. A unit of length used in surveying, equal to 0.01 chain, 7.92 inches, or about 20.12 centimeters.
6. A rod or lever transmitting motion in a machine.
7. Computers A graphical item or segment of text in a webpage or other electronic document that, when clicked, causes another webpage or section of the same webpage to be displayed: That newspaper's homepage includes links to numerous government resources. Also called hotlink, hyperlink.
v. linked, link·ing, links
a. To put together physically, as with links: linked the rings to form a chain.
b. To connect, relate, or associate: linked the suspect to the crime. See Synonyms at join.
2. Computers
a. To make or have a link to (another webpage or electronic document): The blog links important news stories from across the web.
b. To make a link in (a webpage or electronic document): The teacher linked the class website to an online map.
a. To be or become joined together physically: The molecules linked to form a polymer.
b. To be or become connected, related, or associated: Their business has linked up with ours.
2. Computers
a. To make or have a link to a webpage or electronic document: The shocking news story was linked to by many blogs. The article linked to photos of the damage.
b. To follow a link in a webpage or electronic document: With a click of the mouse, I linked to the museum's website.

[Middle English linke, of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse hlekkr, *hlenkr, from *hlenkr.]

link′er n.

link 2

A torch formerly used for lighting one's way in the streets.

[Possibly from Medieval Latin linchinus, lichnus, candle, from Latin lychnus, from Greek lukhnos, lamp; see leuk- in Indo-European roots.]
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1. (Computer Science) computing a program that adjusts two or more machine-language program segments so that they may be simultaneously loaded and executed as a unit
2. (Grammar) (in systemic grammar) a word that links one word, phrase, sentence, or clause to another; a co-ordinating conjunction or a sentence connector. Compare binder11
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linkersestavovací program
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