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1. Clinging bits of fiber and fluff; fuzz.
2. Downy material obtained by scraping linen cloth and used for dressing wounds.
3. The mass of soft fibers surrounding the seeds of unginned cotton.

[Middle English, variant of linet (from Old French linette, grain of flax, diminutive of lin, flax) or from Medieval Latin linteum, lint (from Latin, linen cloth), both from Latin līnum, flax; see lī̆no- in Indo-European roots.]

lint′less adj.
lint′y adj.


not consisting of or containing lint
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Tenders are invited for Lintless Waste Cloth Mill Pieces, Cotton, Cleaned In Min.
The delayedinitiation and slow elongation of fuzz-like short fiber cells in relation to altered patterns of sucrose synthase expression and plasmodesmata gating in a lintless mutant of cotton.
We will lay out straw and set miniature barns upon it, putting odorless cows and lintless sheep to rest inside each of them.