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 (lĭnt′wīt′, -hwīt′)
A linnet.

[By folk etymology from Middle English linkwhitte, alteration of Old English līnetwige : līn, flax; see linseed + -twige, plucker, eater.]


(Animals) archaic or poetic chiefly Scot the linnet
[Old English līnetwige, probably from līn flax + -twige, perhaps related to Old High German zwigon to pluck]
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Noun1.lintwhite - small Old World finch whose male has a red breast and forehead
finch - any of numerous small songbirds with short stout bills adapted for crushing seeds
Carduelis, genus Carduelis - in some classifications considered the type genus of a subfamily Carduelinae of the family Fringillidae: goldfinches; siskins; redpolls; linnets
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And I'll always remember that Kirklees cycling map that suggested riders should head to such well-known places around Huddersfield as Lintwhite Hunley and Millham .
Gibson, Ashgrove Lintwhite Crescent, Bridge of Weir, PA11 3LJ.