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tr.v. li·on·ized, li·on·iz·ing, li·on·iz·es
To look on or treat (a person) as a celebrity.

li′on·i·za′tion (lī′ə-nĭ-zā′shən) n.
li′on·iz′er n.


(ˈlaɪəˌnaɪz) or


(tr) to treat as or make into a celebrity
ˌlioniˈzation, ˌlioniˈsation n
ˈlionˌizer, ˈlionˌiser n


(ˈlaɪ əˌnaɪz)

v.t. -ized, -iz•ing.
to treat (a person) as a celebrity.
li`on•i•za′tion, n.
li′on•iz`er, n.


Past participle: lionized
Gerund: lionizing

I lionize
you lionize
he/she/it lionizes
we lionize
you lionize
they lionize
I lionized
you lionized
he/she/it lionized
we lionized
you lionized
they lionized
Present Continuous
I am lionizing
you are lionizing
he/she/it is lionizing
we are lionizing
you are lionizing
they are lionizing
Present Perfect
I have lionized
you have lionized
he/she/it has lionized
we have lionized
you have lionized
they have lionized
Past Continuous
I was lionizing
you were lionizing
he/she/it was lionizing
we were lionizing
you were lionizing
they were lionizing
Past Perfect
I had lionized
you had lionized
he/she/it had lionized
we had lionized
you had lionized
they had lionized
I will lionize
you will lionize
he/she/it will lionize
we will lionize
you will lionize
they will lionize
Future Perfect
I will have lionized
you will have lionized
he/she/it will have lionized
we will have lionized
you will have lionized
they will have lionized
Future Continuous
I will be lionizing
you will be lionizing
he/she/it will be lionizing
we will be lionizing
you will be lionizing
they will be lionizing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been lionizing
you have been lionizing
he/she/it has been lionizing
we have been lionizing
you have been lionizing
they have been lionizing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been lionizing
you will have been lionizing
he/she/it will have been lionizing
we will have been lionizing
you will have been lionizing
they will have been lionizing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been lionizing
you had been lionizing
he/she/it had been lionizing
we had been lionizing
you had been lionizing
they had been lionizing
I would lionize
you would lionize
he/she/it would lionize
we would lionize
you would lionize
they would lionize
Past Conditional
I would have lionized
you would have lionized
he/she/it would have lionized
we would have lionized
you would have lionized
they would have lionized
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Verb1.lionize - assign great social importance to; "The film director was celebrated all over Hollywood"; "The tenor was lionized in Vienna"
abide by, honor, honour, respect, observe - show respect towards; "honor your parents!"


verb idolize, celebrate, honour, acclaim, mob, exalt, make much of, crack up (informal), hero-worship, fête, big up (slang, chiefly Caribbean), eulogize, aggrandize, adulate, glorify, sing or sound the praises of The press began to lionize him enthusiastically.


[ˈlaɪənaɪz] VT to lionize sbtratar a algn como una celebridad


vt to lionize somebodyjdn feiern, jdn zum Helden machen
References in classic literature ?
Even when he was being lionised in London he had held before him his dream of peace and quiet--the long, white, dusty Indian road, printed all over with bare feet, the incessant, slow-moving traffic, and the sharp-smelling wood smoke curling up under the fig-trees in the twilight, where the wayfarers sit at their evening meal.
But Pompeo, the plaything of a US President who legitimises racist nationalists and is lionised by the white pointy hoods of the Ku Klux Klan, should keep his nose out of Britain.
Perpetrators of the crime were lionised; their victims ignored.
The former first lady said she "loved" the movie and lionised the cast for inspiring "people of all backgrounds".
DEAR Editor, On November 6, The Times in its editorial bemoaned the poor economic performance of the north of England and in doing so lionised Manchester in these words: "...the city that gave the world the Industrial Revolution and the doctrine of free trade."
The morning after Lionel Messi lifted his fourth successive Ballon D'Or, one national newspaper carried the headline "Lionel Messi makes us smile - Luis Suarez shows football's ugly new face." Messi was lionised because he self-deprecatingly suggested that Andres Iniesta was a more deserving recipient of the award he'd just collected.
The real tragedy about her death at 27 is how one of our all-time greatest singer-songwriters is being lionised by her fans, not for her incredible musical talent, but for her wholesale self-abuse.
She spoke of Ireland as " the most annoying place in the world, because it is home." The exchange prompted someone in the audience, possibly a fresh literature graduate, to ask a question that smacked of pomposity -- did she feel conscious of being a woman writer from a country that had in the past, lionised only a " patriarchal, male" canon?
LIONISED by David Bowie and covered by The Clash, Vince Taylor was one of the most remarkable rock and roll stars to emerge from late 1950s Britain.
Were he living in our own times and lionised to the extent that he was by his literary contemporaries it is probable that his unconventional lifestyle and unpredictable behaviour would still see him ostracised and excluded from polite society.
He was lionised for victory in World War Two, but let's not forget Gallipoli in World War One and the slaughter of thousands of men because of the charge of a pig-headed glory hunter.
I can't say I'm much moved by the disruption of the torch's progress anyway though; as a spectacle it doesn't amount to much and it is a tradition that only dates back to the Olympics in Berlin in 1936 when the Nazis were lionised in the film by Leni Riefenstahl.