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Noun1.lip rouge - makeup that is used to color the lipslip rouge - makeup that is used to color the lips
makeup, make-up, war paint - cosmetics applied to the face to improve or change your appearance
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But theirs are crocodile tears for they have set the standard for what a modern woman should be.She should be dressed in designer clothes, shod in high heels, adorned in expensive artificial coloured weaves and fake nails and eyelashes, decked out in ambrosial perfume and suggestive lip rouge and ornamented with glittering gold bracelets and necklace and diamond rings.
Cosmopak launched the original Lip Rouge pen in 1998, now we feel it's time to bring it back!
The first lip rouge in stick form was produced by the French company Guerlain around 1910, and it wasn't long before James Bruce Mason, Jr.
For lip-smacking, long-lasting colour, try Stila's Lip Rouge, right.
But just buy one highly-pigmented lanolin-free moisturising and creamy Space NK Colour lip rouge for pounds 13.50 (16 colours) from their mail order service and you'll be a convert.
Space NK Lip Rouge -pounds 13.50 A rich,creamy lipstick that was easy to apply and gave an excellent colour thanks to its high pigmentation.
These misty, velvety shades are available in Pressed eye shadow, Glow On blush and Lip Rouge. The company also introduced two lash products, Lash Repair and Drawing mascara, that together repair, protect, lengthen and separate lashes with ingredients such as cell membrane complex lipids, ceramide 2, panthenol and silicone oil.