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Noun1.lip-gloss - makeup that makes the lips shiny
makeup, make-up, war paint - cosmetics applied to the face to improve or change your appearance
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MILEY Cyrus has revealed she made her new MAC lip-gloss for her little sister.
The 37-year-old supermodel, says that her 9 year-old-gorgeous daughter only wears light lip-gloss but loves nail art," Contactmusic quoted her as saying.
Too Faced also has Glamour on the Go, pounds 12, which is an eye-shadow, lip-gloss and blush in one.
His wife, Keisha, has named one of the seven shades of her Kissable Couture lip-gloss line after him.
com Love the rose color, and the concept of a lip-gloss marker is genius
Washington, July 17 (ANI): Elizabeth Hurley has hit back at rumours of her boyfriend Shane Warne using make-up and lip-gloss, saying that he is naturally handsome and his beauty comes as a by-product of his genes.
This deliciously scented lip-gloss adds a sheer slick of colour.
Non-sticky and lightweight, these lip-gloss pens are also enriched with Vitamin E and contain UVA & UVB sunscreens, so they protect your lips, too.