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But in this matter of the whale, be the front of thy face to me as the palm of this hand --a lipless, unfeatured blank.
He had a large, almost lipless, mouth, extraordinary lank arms, long thin feet, and bow-legs, and stood with his heavy face thrust forward staring at us.
There was a mouth under the eyes, the lipless brim of which quivered and panted, and dropped saliva.
When a man is not adequately appreciated or comfortably placed in his own country, his thoughts naturally turn towards foreign climes; and David's imagination circled round and round the utmost limits of his geographical knowledge, in search of a country where a young gentleman of pasty visage, lipless mouth, and stumpy hair, would be likely to be received with the hospitable enthusiasm which he had a right to expect.
Suspending lipless hard baits or shallow diving plugs twitched close to the shore will also draw explosive strikes.
Before sleep I chant my prayers to Judy Garland and Jesus; then lipless mouths open to impart essential information into my dreaming ear.
Developed in 2003, Interfit forms smooth, lipless transitions with the existing pipe or liners, leaving a minimal reduction in cross sectional area.
As viewers move from one side of the installation to the other, the pictures shift, creating a stop-motion or cross-dissolve effect as one gaping hole, a lipless stone maw, is replaced with another, and another.
Fashioned to resemble a human skull, oval in form with thick walls, the reverse concave, the cut-out eyes with narrow ridges extending up from their outer corners over the temples, raised cheekbones below with a ridge extending back, the slender triangular nose with two grooves for the nostrils, the lipless oval mouth open, revealing teeth, with five biconical drill holes along the perimeter," reads a description of the 9,000-year-old mask on Christie's website.