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1. Anatomy
a. Either of two fleshy structures that surround the opening of the mouth in humans and other mammals.
b. In humans, the smooth brownish to reddish border of the lip.
2. A structure or part that encircles or bounds an orifice, as:
a. Anatomy A labium.
b. The margin of flesh around a wound.
c. Either of the margins of the aperture of a gastropod shell.
d. A rim, as of a vessel, bell, or crater.
3. Botany One of the two divisions of a bilabiate corolla or calyx, as in the snapdragon, or the modified median petal of an orchid flower.
4. The tip of a pouring spout, as on a pitcher.
5. Slang Insolent talk.
tr.v. lipped, lip·ping, lips
a. To touch the lips to.
b. To kiss.
2. To utter.
3. To lap or splash against.
4. Sports To hit a golf ball so that it touches the edge of (the hole) without dropping in.

[Middle English, from Old English lippa; see leb- in Indo-European roots.]

lip′less adj.
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Adj.1.lipless - without a lip or lipslipless - without a lip or lips    
lipped - having a lip or lips; "a lipped bowl"; "a virgin purest lipped"- John Keats
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There was a mouth under the eyes, the lipless brim of which quivered and panted, and dropped saliva.
He had a large, almost lipless, mouth, extraordinary lank arms, long thin feet, and bow-legs, and stood with his heavy face thrust forward staring at us.
When a man is not adequately appreciated or comfortably placed in his own country, his thoughts naturally turn towards foreign climes; and David's imagination circled round and round the utmost limits of his geographical knowledge, in search of a country where a young gentleman of pasty visage, lipless mouth, and stumpy hair, would be likely to be received with the hospitable enthusiasm which he had a right to expect.
But in this matter of the whale, be the front of thy face to me as the palm of this hand --a lipless, unfeatured blank.
At daybreak, anglers cast lipless lures to windy banks or, more likely, work them through or over timber inside creek arms.
Speed Kills: Some like super-fast reels in that 8:1 or higher range for topwaters or ripping lipless crankbaits out of hydrilla (killer prespawn technique).
Zack had papery skin; his mouth was disconcertingly small and lipless.
Before sleep I chant my prayers to Judy Garland and Jesus; then lipless mouths open to impart essential information into my dreaming ear.
Developed in 2003, Interfit forms smooth, lipless transitions with the existing pipe or liners, leaving a minimal reduction in cross sectional area.
As viewers move from one side of the installation to the other, the pictures shift, creating a stop-motion or cross-dissolve effect as one gaping hole, a lipless stone maw, is replaced with another, and another.
However, Pascal our guide had a small selection of Illex Seiji Kato top water lures and Sammy floating lipless crank baits that worked really well.
Each patient room also features a badge-entry medication cabinet, a handrail by the bed leading to the bathroom, a lipless bathroom and shower threshold, and a bedside computer for staff charting and barcode scanning.