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n. meningomielocele, protrusión de la médula espinal y las meninges a través de un defecto en la columna vertebral.
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For SB type, the self-management behavior score was lower in children with a myelomeningocele than in those with a lipomeningocele (F = 4.
2%) patients showing lipomatous component signifying lipomeningocele (Fig.
Late effects of early surgery on lipoma and lipomeningocele in children less than two years old.
They set strict inclusion criteria that restricted subjects to those patients who were at least 7 years old at the last documented visit and who had a diagnosis of myelomeningocele or lipomeningocele.
Congenitas: Mielomeningocele, meningocele, lipomeningocele Medula anclada, lipoma intradural, agenesia de sacro Diastematomielia, siringomielia 2.