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 (lĭp′ə-fĭl′ĭk, lī′pə-)
Having an affinity for, tending to combine with, or capable of dissolving in lipids.


(ˌlɪpəʊˈfɪlɪk) or


(Biochemistry) chem having an affinity for lipids


(ˌlɪp əˈfɪl ɪk, ˌlaɪ pə)

1. having a strong affinity for lipids.
2. promoting the dissolvability or absorbability of lipids.
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Adj.1.lipophilic - having an affinity for lipids
chemical science, chemistry - the science of matter; the branch of the natural sciences dealing with the composition of substances and their properties and reactions
oleophilic - having a strong affinity for oils rather than water
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The researchers write that "it is likely that lipophilic compounds such as PBDEs move into fetal circulation along with maternal lipids....
The benefits were confined to patients on statins having lipophilic properties.
Applications include efficient micro-encapsulation of flavours, fragrances and other lipophilic ingredients.
Emulsifiers are compounds containing both hydrophilic and lipophilic fractions.
SPCI is focused on developing, manufacturing and commercializing pharmaceutical products, including those based on its proprietary advanced lipid technologies (ALT) platform which is designed to enhance the bioavailability, reduce the food effect, and improve the efficacy of lipids and lipophilic active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).
XYDALBA (dalbavancin) for injection is a second-generation, semi-synthetic lipoglycopeptide, which consists of a lipophilic side-chain added to an enhanced glycopeptide backbone.
Emulsion-based delivery systems are needed to encapsulate, protect and deliver lipophilic bioactive components in foods and other products.
Kloucek said that plant essential oils are lipophilic, i.e.
Vitamin E and CoQ10 were the only known lipophilic antioxidants present in SSL.
It is comprised of, by weight, 20-60% water; 3-20% of an oil phase comprised of hydrophobic oil that is liquid at 25[degrees]C and, optionally, dissolved lipophilic materials; and 20-60% of an emulsifier mixture that contains one emulsifier from the group consisting of ethoxylated castor oils and ethoxylated hydrogenated castor oils and a second emulsifier with an NRU50 value greater than 110 E [micro]g/ml.
Ubisol-Aqua provides a platform for solubilizing omega 3 fatty acids and other water-insoluble lipophilic compounds for foods, beverages, nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
The result is a highly lipophilic delivery vehicle for CoQ10 that offers a threefold increase in bioavailability when compared with pure CoQ10.