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a. liposoluble, que se disuelve en sustancias grasas.
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These results suggest that the dichloromethane extracts (i.e., non-polar) from these two species, have liposoluble compounds that were dissolved in the final ethanol 10% solution.
In the duodenum, these acids act as natural detergents to facilitate the absorption of dietary lipids, liposoluble vitamins, and cholesterol [2].
Also, phospholipids and liposoluble vitamins in goat milk contain choline, which is important for the oxidation of fat in the liver, and which maintains the balance of cholesterol levels.
Nitric oxide is a liposoluble and unstable gas generated from the action of NO synthase (NOS) [63].
Triton is a liposoluble active agent that can dissolve the lipid of cell membrane and nuclear membrane, thus forming a larger hole to make all dye enter.
They are vital for complete metabolism in an organism, since they provide the essential fatty acids that are the structural components of cell membranes and prostaglandins, in addition to their role as carriers for the liposoluble vitamins A, D, E, and K (PEREDA et al., 2005).
Despite the harmful effects of inadequate diets, it is important to note that oils are important in human nutrition because they contribute to the energy that is required to meet the daily nutritional needs, contain liposoluble vitamins, are rich in unsaturated fatty acids (oleic, linoleic and alfa-linoleic acids) and poor in saturated fatty acids.
Fat contributes to nutritional (source of essential fatty acids, liposoluble vitamins, and energy), organoleptic (flavour, texture, and mouthfeel), and technological properties (release of moisture) in meat products (Olivares et al., 2010).
In aquatic ecosystems, compounds such as pesticides with low water solubility and high liposoluble are forced to seek organic lipid containing material [7].