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lipothymia, lipothymy

fainting or a feeling of faintness; swooning; syncope. — lipothymic, lipothymous, adj.
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M 89 Lipothymia 40 14 62 F 91 Acute respiratory failure 20 21 43 TnI increase Sex hsTnI T3 TnI T6 hsTnI T6 from T0 F n.a.
For centuries, the medical term for fainting was lipothymia. To leave the mind.
Symptoms were mainly cardiologic, with atypical chest pain, dyspnea (New York Heart Association [NYHA] class 3-4), syncope, lipothymia, and fatigue (online Appendix Table).
These crises intensify the multiple neurovegetative disorders only in minutes, inducing lipothymia symptoms and the frightening sensation of imminent death.
After 30 minutes, the patient experienced an episode of lipothymia associated with bradycardia, a heart rate of 35 per minute and blood pressure of 80/40.
Improper diet may determine or increase cognitive impairments; they may cause disorientation, lipothymias; they may decrease the immune response; they may favour the emergence of bedsores in bedridden patients; they may slow down the cicatrisation processes (7, 8).