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 (vĭ-tĕl′ĭn, vī-)
A protein found in egg yolk.


(Biochemistry) biochem a phosphoprotein that is the major protein in egg yolk
[C19: from vitellus + -in]


(vɪˈtɛl ɪn, vaɪ-)

a phosphoprotein in the yolk of eggs.
[1855–60; vitell (us) + -in1]
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An extremely intense band of around 140 kDa is present in all of these embryonic stages, and likely represents the cleavage product of the large Vtg2 precursor into the N-terminal lipovitellin I product, as observed in chicken Vtg2 (Yamamura et al.
Female crustaceans convert a proportion of TG into PC to form lipovitellin, which is the major constituent of egg yolk (Lee et al.
The principal component of blue crab yolk is lipovitellin, a water-soluble lipoprotein composed of similar amounts of lipids and proteins.
Developmental fate of the yolk protein lipovitellin in embryos and larvae of winter flounder, Pleuronectes americanus.
1]-domain consists of the first 1000 amino acids of apoB and is a globular domain with homology to lipovitellin, an egg yolk lipoprotein (6).
The vitellogenin cDNA of Cherax quadricarinatus encodes a lipovitellin with calcium binding ability, and its expression is induced following the removal of the androgenic gland in a sexually plastic system.
Once inside the oocyte, VTG is cleaved into the smaller yolk proteins (phosvitin, lipovitellin, and beta-component), which accumulate in yolk globules or granules (42).
Characterization of lipovitellin in eggs of the polychaete Neanthes arenaceodentata.
Until they emerge from egg sacs, embryos are nutritionally dependent on lipids and lipovitellin stored within the eggs.
Sequence analysis also shows that part of mammalian apoB is homologous to the lipovitellins, one of the major lipid transporting proteins of birds for egg yolk lipid deposition (Baker, 1998; Jolivet et al.