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lip·py 1

adj. lip·pi·er, lip·pi·est
1. Speaking or responding in a rude or disrespectful way.
2. Full and sensuous. Used of lips.

[lip + -y.]

lip′pi·ness n.

lip·py 2

n. lip·pies Chiefly Australian Informal


adj, -pier or -piest
insolent or cheeky
n, pl -pies
(Clothing & Fashion) informal lipstick


(ˈlɪp i)

adj. -pi•er, -pi•est.
1. having large or prominent lips.
2. Slang. impudent; fresh.
lip′pi•ness, n.


[ˈlɪpɪ] ADJ (Brit) → contestón, descarado


[ˈlɪpi] (British)
adj (= cheeky) → insolent(e)
n (= lipstick) → rouge m à lèvreslip-read [ˈlɪpriːd] vilire sur les lèvreslip-reading [ˈlɪpriːdɪŋ] nlecture f labialelip salve n (British)pommade f pour les lèvreslip service n
to pay lip service to sth [+ idea, value] → reconnaître le mérite de qch pour la forme


n (Brit inf) → Lippenstift m
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Not that Brown, once the most swaggering, lippiest member of the essential pre-Oasis Madchester outfit The Stone Roses, is especially retro in his musical approach.
Thirty of the country's toughest, lippiest and nastiest bunch of bad lads are here at the army base in Dorset, being put through their paces in a 1950's-style paratrooper training course.
The lads selected for the 1950s-style paratroop training are the lippiest and baddest bunch with thieves, vandals, fraudsters and ASBOs in their midst.
Now Amelia is chief writer on the hippest, lippiest, law show on the box.