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1. Anatomy
a. Either of two fleshy structures that surround the opening of the mouth in humans and other mammals.
b. In humans, the smooth brownish to reddish border of the lip.
2. A structure or part that encircles or bounds an orifice, as:
a. Anatomy A labium.
b. The margin of flesh around a wound.
c. Either of the margins of the aperture of a gastropod shell.
d. A rim, as of a vessel, bell, or crater.
3. Botany One of the two divisions of a bilabiate corolla or calyx, as in the snapdragon, or the modified median petal of an orchid flower.
4. The tip of a pouring spout, as on a pitcher.
5. Slang Insolent talk.
tr.v. lipped, lip·ping, lips
a. To touch the lips to.
b. To kiss.
2. To utter.
3. To lap or splash against.
4. Sports To hit a golf ball so that it touches the edge of (the hole) without dropping in.

[Middle English, from Old English lippa; see leb- in Indo-European roots.]

lip′less adj.
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  1. An upper lip shaped like a circumflex accent —Eric Ambler Drew her lips into a thin wiggly line like fish bait —Sharon Sheehe Stark
  2. Full lips like a French movie star —Ira Wood
  3. Her lips glistened as if she’d just eaten a pound of vaseline —Sarah Bird
  4. Her lips looked … delicious, as though if you bit them it would be like biting into a sweetmeat, one of those candies which are filled with a pleasant warming liquid —Ben Ames Williams
  5. His lips, like those of all men who work, were puckered up like a bag with the string drawn tight —Honoré de Balzac
  6. His lips were tightened in a thin line, as if he had them sewn together to keep from vomiting —Robert J. Serling
  7. His lips were too red, as if he had a hangover —Louise Erdrich
  8. His long lips tightened, as if he sought to conquer pain —Frank Swinnerton
  9. Lips always compressed as if to keep back a swarm of curses —George Garrett
  10. Lips as bloodless as lips of the slain —John Greenleaf Whittier
  11. Lips … as glossy as ripe cherries —Anton Chekhov
  12. Lips delicate as peach-toned porcelain —Jayne Anne Phillips
  13. Lips … drawn in a tight line like the lips of a child not quite ready to take a dose of bad-tasting medicine —George Garrett
  14. Lips … dry and faint as her tea leaves —Shirley Ann Grau
  15. Lips full as thighs —Lyn Lifshin
  16. Lips like a thread of scarlet —The Holy Bible/Song of Solomon
  17. Lips like lilies —The Holy Bible/Song of Solomon
  18. Lips … like pale velvet —Jimmy Sangster
  19. Lips like sausages —John D. MacDonald
  20. Lips … like the petals of a red flower —Oscar Wilde
  21. Lips like wet cherries —Virginia Woolf
  22. Lips moved noisily, smacking like a three-day thirst —Sharon Sheehe Stark
  23. Lips … red as two buds —Louise Erdrich
  24. Lips … set in exasperation, as if she had just been about to say something and found out her voice was snatched in death —Louise Erdrich
  25. Lips … shining like rain on night streets —Jayne Anne Phillips
  26. Lips that, like a ventriloquist’s, scarcely stirred —Katherine Bush
  27. Lips that looked as if she were permanently whistling —Mike Fredman
  28. Lips that shine wetly, just like a Cosmo girl —George Garrett
  29. Lips that stand out from his skin like two thick weals —Aldous Huxley
  30. Lips tighter than any knot —Tim O’Brien
  31. Lips trembling like elastic stretched too taut —George Garrett
  32. A long blue upper lip, like a priest —Joyce Cary
  33. The muscles of her chapped lips were broken and loose like the snap of an old purse —Gerald Kersh
  34. Pursed his lips as if he were just before receiving a terrible blow —Richard Ford
  35. Set her lips as though she would never speak again —Dorothy Canfield Fisher
  36. Sharp-pointed lips stretched out like a slingshot —Bobbie Ann Mason
  37. She kept closing her lips over her teeth and then pursing her lips, so that she looked as though she were going to give somebody a little goodbye kiss —Maeve Brennan
  38. Thick lips … like lozenges of hard rubber —Jonathan Valin
  39. Thin lips fitted tightly together, as though they were parts of a very well-made piece of furniture —Aldous Huxley
  40. An upper lip that twiched softly, like a cow’s in a fly-ridden summer —Penelope Gilliatt
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References in classic literature ?
The lips moved under her fingers, and she answered, "Yes."
His hair bristled involuntarily; his lips writhed back and his little fangs were bared.
Great circles of colour were drawn about their eyes and lips, their breasts and abdomens, and from their clay-plastered coiffures rose gay feathers and bits of long, straight wire.
Bertrade de Montfort did not know how to answer so ridiculous a sophistry; and, truth to tell, she was more than pleased to hear from the lips of Roger de Conde what bored her on the tongues of other men.
He forgot his shoes and stared long, till his lips began to move and he murmured, "Ruth."
With throats unslaked, with black lips baked, We could not laugh nor wail; Through utter drought all dumb we stood!
The bowers whereat, in dreams, I see The wantonest singing birds Are lips - and all thy melody Of lip-begotten words -
Daughtry kissed with his lips again, and Michael turned around so as to face him, sat down, and rested his head on the steward's knees.
Quick breath parted the petals of her lips. They trembled.
Joe did not open his lips. He was buried in his own thoughts, and planning the expedition he had proposed.
The prisoner's prayer ended in a sigh of ecstasy; his lips met those of the maiden, -- not by chance, nor by stratagem, but as Saint-Preux's was to meet the lips of Julie a hundred years later.
She looked at him with curving lips; and even he, who had watched her often, could not tell whether that curve was of scorn or mirth.