lipstick plant

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Noun1.lipstick plant - epiphyte or creeping on rockslipstick plant - epiphyte or creeping on rocks; Malaysian plant having somewhat fleshy leaves and bright red flowers
aeschynanthus - a plant of the genus Aeschynanthus having somewhat red or orange flowers and seeds having distinctive hairs at base and apex
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These include the Sibuyan pitcher plant, bil-is, tibangan and a wild palm, tree fern, lipstick plant, ant plant and Guiting-guiting begonia.
From left: Schefflera 'Amate'; lipstick plant (Aeschynanthus radicans); smaller elephant's ear (Alocasia 'Polly'); 'Neon' pothos (Epipremnum aureum); Swiss cheese vine (Monstera obliqua)-, variegated wax plant (Hoya carnosa 'Variegata'); elephant's ear (Alocasia 'Regal Shields'); and split-leaf philodendron (Monstera deliciosa).
"Lipstick Plant" - One of the best houseplants for the hanging basket because of its trailing nature with bright red flowers that cascade among shiny green leaves.