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Madame Levaille put down a bottle she held above a liqueur glass; the players turned their heads; the whispered quarrel ceased; only the singer, after darting a glance at the door, went on humming with a stolid face.
A waiter paused before their table and offered a salver on which were several cups of coffee and liqueur glasses. Captain Granet leaned forward in his place and stretched out his hand to serve his companion.
Some of the rest lingered a little, marrying golden liqueur glasses to Buhl tables with sticky rings; on the desperate chance of Mr Merdle's saying something.
The set comprises 12 glasses in each of four sizes; a red wine goblet, white wine, sherry/aperitif and a liqueur glass. Each seems to be hand blown as they all vary slightly in size and shape.
4 Smoky-grey hi-ball, pounds 3, amber cut-glass hi-ball, pounds 3, spotted tumblers, pounds 2.50 each, and amber bowl (just seen), pounds 10, all Habitat; smoky liqueur glass, stylist's own.
Crystal manufacturer Orrefors offers a small crystal liqueur glass with a red base and bright blue stem and a clear bowl with bright yellow swirls ($50).
The sabayon was rich and creamy.This was a luscious dish, fun to eat and look at.Where to start with BW's trio of puds is difficult.There was a liqueur glass of lemon cream sprinkled with pastichios, praline with spiced ice cream and a concoction of two different mousses topped with a bitter chocolate fin.
Pour some vodka, a shot of peach schnapps and a measure of Baileys into a small liqueur glass, then finish off with a dribble of Grenadine.
Ingredients: (serves 6) 6 large Cox's orange pippins, peeled, cored and sliced' 4tbsp sugar' 1 liqueur glass of brandy' 125g flour' 2 medium eggs' 1tbsp oil' 300ml milk' a pinch of saffron' 3tbsp almost boiling water' freshly ground black pepper' enough oil to deep fry the fritters.
TAKE a tall liqueur glass ready to make this little cocktail from Gringo Bill's in Edinburgh's Hanover Street.
Next time you sit back sipping a Campari or twirling a cocktail cherry around your liqueur glass, stop and think about what you're putting in your mouth.