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The regulator is introducing the second of the two Basel III liquidity ratios, namely, structural liquidity ratio (also known as the net stable funding ratio, NSFR).
The BCT explained the positive development of retail deposits by the entry into force of a new liquidity ratio (November 2014), which "makes it possible to overcome the deficiencies of the old ratio .
The third analyzed indicator is current liquidity ratio (see table 3).
Views still clash on liquidity ratios, essentially on the long-term liquidity ratio (NSFR - net stable funding ratio).
The new Basel Accord has stricter requirement for liquidity ratio, in the hope that financial institutions have sufficient liquidity to cope with emergent market situation, thereby boosting the stability of the financial system.
The central bank of Taiwan has announced that it is planning to increase the minimum liquidity ratio for banks.
At the October 3 talks, attended by Internal Market Commissioner Michel Barnier, parties had to agree on two liquidity standards; the short-term liquidity ratio (LCR - liquidity coverage ratio), which will apply in 2015, and the long-term liquidity ratio (NSFR - net stable funding ratio), which should apply from 2018 onwards.
Taiwan's central bank has said that it will raise the minimum liquidity ratio for banks and other lending institutions to 10 percent starting October 1, from seven percent currently, as part of efforts to strengthen their risk management.