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a. The state of matter in which a substance exhibits a characteristic readiness to flow and little or no tendency to disperse, and is amorphous but has a fixed volume and is difficult to compress.
b. Matter or a specific body of matter in this state.
2. Linguistics A consonant articulated without friction and capable of being prolonged like a vowel, such as English l and r.
1. Of or being a liquid.
2. Having been liquefied, especially:
a. Melted by heating: liquid wax.
b. Condensed by cooling: liquid oxygen.
3. Flowing readily; fluid: added milk to make the batter more liquid.
4. Having a flowing quality without harshness or abrupt breaks: liquid prose; the liquid movements of a ballet dancer.
5. Linguistics Articulated without friction and capable of being prolonged like a vowel.
6. Clear and shining: the liquid brown eyes of a spaniel.
7. Existing as or readily convertible into cash: liquid assets.

[From Middle English, of a liquid, from Old French liquide, from Latin liquidus, from liquēre, to be liquid.]

liq′uid·ly adv.
liq′uid·ness n.
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The remaining 16.5% of variability in liquidly risk is explained by other variables not included in this study.
LG adjusted leverage metrics have slowly improved since LG took on the additional debt for the Dahod tower and acquired Saints Medical Center, which had low liquidly, operating losses, and capital needs.
Not just that, when looking for solutions, if one talks about cash management it would be assumed that the solution would largely be related to either collections or payments or liquidly management.
After hearing that he's been critical of my style of writing (behind my back, terming it 'liquidly languid' and opining that 'there's a difference between writing for a living and writing for immortality') I really want to reply, "Take a look in the mirror, Barney."
We focus on the price at Henry Hub, Louisiana, which is the delivery point for liquidly traded natural gas futures contracts.