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Noun1.liquor license - a license authorizing the holder to sell alcoholic beverages
license, permit, licence - a legal document giving official permission to do something
on-license - a license to sell liquor for consumption on the premises
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Mac's on Slade in downtown Palatine has closed after giving up its local liquor license instead of contesting a suspension imposed this week, village officials confirmed Thursday.
He is accused of printing duplicate liquor license certificates thereby denying the county of revenue.
In Tennessee, retail liquor license holders must live in the state for two years before they can seek a retail liquor license.
Dallas, TX, November 08, 2018 --( Criterion.B, a leading marketing agency focused on branding and inbound marketing, is excited to announce the addition of Storm Liquor License to its client roster.
Owner Jonas Gold says he doesn't have $800,000 to spend on the liquor license that's currently for sale in Flemington.
It was leasing a liquor license from a Hailey developer, and the Marriott on Capitol Boulevard bought that license from the license holder, said Chris Mitchell, owner.
ISLAMABAD -- Islamic Scholars from all over the country declared Ishtiaq Ahmed S/o Gull Mohammad and Tahir Mehmood Tareen as Non Muslim and out of fold of Islam as they showed themselves Non Muslim for seeking the liquor license.
Butt filed an application for a liquor license with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission late last month to open the strip club in a building on 14th and Main streets that used to house Club 1444.
The Commission will also consider all factors that would be considered in reviewing an application for a new retail liquor license. Finally, the Commission and the DABC require that all documents related to the transaction, including all details of the transaction, be submitted for their review.