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Adv.1.lispingly - with a lisp; "she spoke lispingly"
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Sometimes he joined in a conversation which interested him and, regardless of whether any "gentlemen of the embassy" were present or not, lispingly expressed his views, which were sometimes not at all in accord with the accepted tone of the moment.
Undoubtedly on the basis of these remarks (plus expansion of them in his work of creative non-fiction), Cookman (2000:55) described him as "young (thirty-three), well-educated, aristocratic, wealthy, of good family, Church of England, fast-rising in the service--and thumpingly, lispingly English to the core." On consulting an obvious possible source, O'Byrne's (1849) A Naval Biographical Dictionary, Battersby was puzzled to find no information as to Fitzjames's date or place of birth.
As Nennius once said: "I have lispingly put together this history from various sources, and have endeavoured, from shame, to deliver down to posterity the few remaining ears of corn about past transactions, that they might not be trodden under foot, seeing that an ample crop has been snatched away already by the hostile reapers of foreign nations."