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also lis·som  (lĭs′əm)
1. Moving or able to move with grace and ease; lithe and graceful.
2. Easily bent; supple.

[Alteration of lithesome.]

lis′some·ly adv.
lis′some·ness n.


(ˈlɪsəm) or


1. supple in the limbs or body; lithe; flexible
2. agile; nimble
[C19: variant of lithesome]
ˈlissomly, ˈlissomely adv
ˈlissomness, ˈlissomeness n
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Adj.1.lissom - moving and bending with ease
graceful - characterized by beauty of movement, style, form, or execution




lissome [ˈlɪsəm] ADJágil, flexible


[ˈlɪsəm] adjsouple, agile


adjgeschmeidig; person alsogelenkig


[ˈlɪsəm] adj (liter) → leggiadro/a
References in classic literature ?
He sought for beauty consciously, and he remembered how even as a boy he had taken pleasure in the Gothic cathedral as one saw it from the precincts; he went there and looked at the massive pile, gray under the cloudy sky, with the central tower that rose like the praise of men to their God; but the boys were batting at the nets, and they were lissom and strong and active; he could not help hearing their shouts and laughter.
It was fringed in all its length with slim young birches, white stemmed and lissom boughed; ferns and starflowers and wild lilies-of-the-valley and scarlet tufts of pigeonberries grew thickly along it; and always there was a delightful spiciness in the air and music of bird calls and the murmur and laugh of wood winds in the trees overhead.
Ah, I see as you bean't quite so lissom as you was," replied the farmer, with a grim smile, as he lifted the latch of his door; "we bean't so young as we was, nother on us, wuss luck.
45 Park Place developer Sharif El-Gamal and designer Piero Lissom are pictured above at an event held as part of CS Talks, Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group's week-long speaker series of industry discussions.
54) n's Lissom divisions nt, while onmore's go to Corregan Ray ar t Buckk (7.
If Neerja rests on Sonam's lissom shoulders, she bears the burden in an assured way.
This week we pa rticularly welcome Melin Homes housing association in south-east Wales, The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, the Association for Public Service Excellence across the UK, Lissom and Muster classic clothes in Manchester, Spirit Ventures investment group in Worcestershire, Better Bankside business improvement district in London, 2Buy2.
songs which could, quite frankly, have been There's very little to it except the important stuff - gorgeous melodies and Pratt's lissom voice - and strikes me as the kind of record that should be available on the NHS for stress.
The US Treasury Department said it was targeting the people and firms, including Iran's Asia Bank, Meraj Air and Lissom Marine Services LLC, a shipping firm, for a range of violations, including helping Iran's missile and nuclear programs, evading prior sanctions, or supporting terrorism.
The poetically inclined head chauffeur asks the agile new girl to warm up the silver vehicles by revving their engines Rev, lissom Ila, limos silver, or:
be They might pick up a few extra volunteers if they laid on lissom lads and lassie to thrash the participants with birch twigs as they do in Scandinavia after a roll in the snow.
These were particularly telling in perhaps the works where we would least expect them: Beethoven's Pastorale Sonata, lissom, neatlyarticulated, its pastel colours poetically painted, and above all, in the ground-breaking Waldstein Sonata.