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also lis·som  (lĭs′əm)
1. Moving or able to move with grace and ease; lithe and graceful.
2. Easily bent; supple.

[Alteration of lithesome.]

lis′some·ly adv.
lis′some·ness n.
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or lis•som

(ˈlɪs əm)

1. lithe and graceful; supple; lithesome.
2. agile, nimble, or active.
[1790–1800; assimilated form of *lithsome, variant of lithesome]
lis′some•ly, adv.
lis′some•ness, n.
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Adj.1.lissome - moving and bending with ease
graceful - characterized by beauty of movement, style, form, or execution
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She seemed so much softer, so much more pliant, and tender, and lissome. She was a part of this atmosphere of quietude and beauty.
She was like--so like; not in feature, perhaps, but in grace and colouring--the grace of a slender, lissome form and the colouring of cloudy hair and wistful, dark gray eyes, and curving red mouth; and more than all, she was like her in expression--in the subtle revelation of personality exhaling from her like perfume from a flower.
There was a grace, which no austerity could diminish, about every movement of her lissome, slender form; her quiet brow, the delicate grave outlines of her face, and her clearly cut features indicated noble birth; her expression was gentle and proud; her thick hair had been simply braided, the coronet of plaits about her head served, all unknown to her, as an adornment.
After a lissome David Gower century (130 off 120 balls) had propelled England to 333-9 in 60 overs, Sri Lanka batted spiritedly to reach 286 all out in 58 overs with the wickets being shared by the pace of Graham Dilley (4-45) and off-spinner Vic Marks (5-39 in 12 overs).
But his best friend Kit (the lovely Jane Oineza), who's about to marry her fiance Ben (Dominic Roque), can't seem to get him to choose among the bevy of eager beauties vying for his attention-from lissome former squeeze Grace (the fresh-faced Barbie Imperial) and designer Ces (Kate Alejandrino) to the adventurous Leah (Claire Ruiz).
The royal prince noticed Princess Diana's being "lissome and gamine."
Melody, introspection and musical color frame this lissome triad.
Her earthy, poetic lyrics ("the geese in chevron flight" in "Urge for Going"), the phrases that are now part of the culture ("They paved paradise, put up a parking lot"), and the unusual melodic intervals traced by that lissome voice earned her the status of a pop legend.
The puppets share the neighborhood with humans, such as wannabe standup comedian Brian (Jordan DeBose), his struggling social worker wife, Christmas Eve (Emily Bailey), and the apartment superintendent Gary Coleman from TV's "Diff'rent Strokes" (saucily played by the lissome Aziza Macklin).
One of his best descriptions of sex takes place when Freedom's middle-aged and long-married Walter Berglund finally gets together with his lissome young assistant.
Long-haired, lissome, robed in green and yellow and white,
In 1945, the Miss America Pageant constituted a symbolic return to normalcy for the country; a promise that a still-smoldering Europe and a Japan about to face its first devastating nuclear winter could not keep patriotic Americans from leering at a bunch of lissome young beauties parading across a stage in flattering but modest swimwear.