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also lis·som  (lĭs′əm)
1. Moving or able to move with grace and ease; lithe and graceful.
2. Easily bent; supple.

[Alteration of lithesome.]

lis′some·ly adv.
lis′some·ness n.


(ˈlɪsəm) or


1. supple in the limbs or body; lithe; flexible
2. agile; nimble
[C19: variant of lithesome]
ˈlissomly, ˈlissomely adv
ˈlissomness, ˈlissomeness n
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Adj.1.lissom - moving and bending with ease
graceful - characterized by beauty of movement, style, form, or execution




lissome [ˈlɪsəm] ADJágil, flexible


[ˈlɪsəm] adjsouple, agile


adjgeschmeidig; person alsogelenkig


[ˈlɪsəm] adj (liter) → leggiadro/a
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Then they examined the prizes, gathered up their things, and went off to the brook, where Martin swallowed huge draughts of water to get rid of the taste; and they visited the sedge-bird's nest, and from thence struck across the country in high glee, beating the hedges and brakes as they went along; and Arthur at last, to his intense delight, was allowed to climb a small hedgerow oak for a magpie's nest with Tom, who kept all round him like a mother, and showed him where to hold and how to throw his weight; and though he was in a great fright, didn't show it, and was applauded by all for his lissomness.
It is manufactured with glass- and synthetic fibers, showing a significantly higher flexibility and lissomness compared to a standard glass nonwoven.
Equations are starkly implied: manantial = doncella, on the basis of a mutual lissomness; tornasol = guijas, as wet pebbles insinuate the girl's curvaceous form; and escorzo de piernas fragments the girl in a specifically artistic term.