list server

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list′ serv`er

Computers. any program that distributes messages to a mailing list.
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Customers also receive a mailing list server and website statistics.
The bid should include the name of your solution (value required) and a description of your solution (which software will be used to provide the Service), a description of the services that are not included in the proceedings, however, included in the offered solution (by tariff plans), the list server (country, city) by which the service will be provided.
Majordomo: A mailing list server that runs under UNIX.
Membership is free and comadres can submit requests for services or announcements of particular interest to be distributed on the group's list server.
Over the next year, members can expect a series of new and improved offerings, including a daily morning summary of important legal news, an expanded AAJ Exchange, upgraded list server communities, and a new TRIAL Web site.
org/ which includes a calendar for any member to post events, links of interest to chapters, and a list server for all members to post Q & A's and open forum for discussion.
Tax preparers can subscribe to the list server through the IRS, at www.
Version 10 includes mail archiving to SQL Server and functions as a list server so that companies can maintain and distribute company news.
If you are a member of AAAI and would like to be notified when a new edition of AI Alert has been posted, and also receive other AAAI announcements, please subscribe to our AAAI membership list server by writing to majordomo@aaai.
The infusion of cash didn't last long, and then a computer being used as an e-mail list server crashed late last month - raising yet another financial challenge.
The ASASLST and INTELST, as well as numerous other military topic-related lists, run on a list server maintained in the Pentagon by the U.
If there are last minute cancellations or if a large number of registrants have identified a requirement for a specific course, the List Server (FMCP mailing list) is used to publish the availability of quotas.