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Noun1.list system - based on the principle of proportional representation; voters choose between party lists, the number elected from each list being determined by the percentage cast for each list out of the total vote
electoral system, voting system - a legal system for making democratic choices
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The land parcel was made available for application from 1 July 2017 through the Reserve List system under the second half 2017 IGLS Programme.
But anyway, I've heard this argument: The party list system is now being taken over by the dynasties.
Regarding the electoral process, DI recommends a list system based on proportional representation, and increasing the percentage of seats given for such lists.
And then there's the straightforward party list system, which we already use to elect MEPs who represent us in the European Parliament.
THE CRIME that has been perpetrated against state school students for the last four decades -- the indiscriminate appointment of university graduates as teachers through the absurd waiting list system -- will continue for another three years, according to Education minister Costas Kadis.
IT isn't very often that I agree with ST Vaughan, but as regards to the Honours List system, yes because the very rich just buy their way into it, be it tax avoiding donations or so-called charity work.
The proportional list system allows voters to choose a list with several candidates, instead of selecting only one candidate to represent them in the parliament.
Yes, there is criticism of the regional list system and maybe in needs to be cautiously reviewed.
Noel said he is in favour of a list system where the public choose from selection of candidates put forward by the parties.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Iraqi Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi on Monday reiterated his calls for the adoption of an open list system in the elections law that is yet to be approved by the Iraqi parliament, considering the new system as the best for the Iraqi electorate.
AaIraq's fractious Parliament has been unable to agree on whether to use an open list system in the January 16 national elections.
The new proposal would abandon the closed list system used in 2005, in which voters selected only political parties.