listen to

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listen to

If you listen to a sound or listen to a person who is talking, you pay attention to the sound or to what the person is saying.

I do my ironing while listening to the radio.
Listen carefully to what he says.
They wouldn't listen to me.

Be Careful!
Listen is not a transitive verb. Don't say that someone 'listens a sound' or 'listens a person'.

If you have been to a musical performance, you don't usually say that you 'listened to' the music or 'listened to' the performer. You say that you heard them.

That was the first time I ever heard Jimi Hendrix.
See hear

Be Careful!
Don't confuse listen to and hear. If you hear something, you become aware of it without trying. If you listen to something, you deliberately pay attention to it. For example, you would say 'Suddenly I heard a noise', not 'Suddenly I listened to a noise'.

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lytte til
...에 귀를 기울이다
lyssna på
lắng nghe

listen to

يَسْتَمِعُ إِلَى poslouchat lytte til zuhören ακούω προσεκτικά prestar atención kuunnella écouter slušati ascoltare ・・・を聞く ...에 귀를 기울이다 luisteren naar lytte til usłuchać escutar слушаться lyssna på ฟัง dinlemek lắng nghe 留神听某人说话
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"Listen to th' wind wutherin' round the house," she said.
But as she was listening to the wind she began to listen to something else.
"This must not be," I thought I heard him say: "either he must listen to reason, or I must have recourse to the last resource of civilization." Then, addressing me in a louder tone, he hurriedly exclaimed, "Listen: no stranger must witness what you have witnessed.
It was evident that he not only knew everyone in the drawing room, but had found them to be so tiresome that it wearied him to look at or listen to them.
It was plain that she did not dislike me, and equally plain that there was some obstacle connected with her father, which forbade her to listen to my offer of marriage.
His deference to this particular branch of science had induced him to listen to the application of a medical man, whose thirst for natural history had led him to the desire of profiting by the migratory propensities of the squatter.
The best way to understand people is to listen to them - Ralph G.
The main purpose of the listening skills is to receive the message of the sender as much correctly as possible but students at their beginning stage very often face a lot of difficulties for the fulfillment of this purpose and there are also some hurdles in this process of communication because listening to the second language acquires a lot of mental effort and when a hurdle like noise come in its way so students face some difficulties to understand the actual pronunciation and when they listen to the actual pronunciation of those words then comes the issue of their vocabulary.
Click "Form description" and write your directions: "Listen to the music selection below.
Spotify, like any other streaming platform, is constantly collecting data about its users based on what they listen to. One minor benefit of this is that the service can produce slick, informative "year in review" lists that show each user what they listened to the most in any given year.
People have had causes to regret because they are not patient to listen to others and when they realise they should have, it is rather late.
In addition, Anthony Edgington (2008) wrote a column focused on how tutors read and listen to student texts.