listen to

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listen to

If you listen to a sound or listen to a person who is talking, you pay attention to the sound or to what the person is saying.

I do my ironing while listening to the radio.
Listen carefully to what he says.
They wouldn't listen to me.

Be Careful!
Listen is not a transitive verb. Don't say that someone 'listens a sound' or 'listens a person'.

If you have been to a musical performance, you don't usually say that you 'listened to' the music or 'listened to' the performer. You say that you heard them.

That was the first time I ever heard Jimi Hendrix.
See hear

Be Careful!
Don't confuse listen to and hear. If you hear something, you become aware of it without trying. If you listen to something, you deliberately pay attention to it. For example, you would say 'Suddenly I heard a noise', not 'Suddenly I listened to a noise'.

References in classic literature ?
But as she was listening to the wind she began to listen to something else.
This must not be," I thought I heard him say: "either he must listen to reason, or I must have recourse to the last resource of civilization.
It was evident that he not only knew everyone in the drawing room, but had found them to be so tiresome that it wearied him to look at or listen to them.
It was plain that she did not dislike me, and equally plain that there was some obstacle connected with her father, which forbade her to listen to my offer of marriage.
His deference to this particular branch of science had induced him to listen to the application of a medical man, whose thirst for natural history had led him to the desire of profiting by the migratory propensities of the squatter.
STOP AND LISTEN STOP and listen Be in the position Make your life better Make it more interesting Stop and listen Tell yourself I am a good person I am doing good I am changing the world Stop and listen Be in the right position Live your dreams Read all the magazines Tell yourself Life is worth living It's a sunny position Stop and listen Get rid of stress Clear up the mess Thing good about yourself Be the next solution Be the great I am Listen to the voice inside Stop at the traffic lights Take a walk in the woods Change your attitude Change your thinking Change the world.
The cycle includes a short prelistening planning/predicting stage; three listening verification stages where students listen to the passage, verify their understanding, select and use listening strategies to address their comprehension problems, and evaluate their strategy use; and finally a reflection stage where students write about or discuss what they have learned about their strategic listening processes, and then set goals for improving their strategy use in future listening tasks.
This methodology differentiates itself from others in its focus on the pleasures of listening and by moving from a skills-based approach to "a more relational and performative conception of what it means to listen to others" (p.
Human resource experts list, "Fail to listen to and help employees feel that their opinions are valued" as among the top 10 mistakes that managers routinely make.
According to Buckley, "Students listen to the equivalent of a book a day; talk the equivalent of a book a week; read the equivalent of a book a month; and write the equivalent of a book a year" (1992, p.
Unable to hear, he could not listen to Jesus; unable to listen, he could not speak.
In this study, willingness to listen to music and the level of music education varied in pedigrees.