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Being such that listening is pleasurable: an undistinguished but listenable soundtrack.

lis′ten·a·bil′i·ty n.


easy or pleasant to listen to
ˌlistenaˈbility n


(ˈlɪs ə nə bəl)

pleasant to listen to: soft, listenable music.
lis`ten•a•bil′i•ty, n.
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His compositions reflect deep interest in the quality of the smallest details, cultivated by copious hours of practice, as well as the big picture: listenability.
Amidst the hagiography for the Phil''s acoustics, it is usually overlooked that these are rendered irrelevant by the way in which raw volume at its pop concerts takes precedence over equally important considerations such as balance and listenability.
The whole thing is a blistering bit of rage set to music, but somehow manages to maintain its listenability amid the cacophony.
I was completely and utterly put off Bugg by debut single Lightning Bolt, its faux country, faux folk, faux, er, listenability making me run a mile.
Most free jazz doesn't have the replayability, the listenability that I [want].
airplay (as compared to Canada, where national communication laws require that 35 percent of music aired each week be Canadian), but it is certainly not for lack of listenability or talent, (basiabulat.
This subjective process allowed for the identification of similarities and differences involving overall voice quality, listenability, and added artifacts.
But then this is a man who has always devoted a lot of time to corralling disparate noises into a listenable whole - even if some of the results didn't quite accord with some people's ideas of listenability.
1 is both texturally adventurous and aurally challenging and musically compelling at the same time--and while even today it would probably be considered beside the point to criticize the music of Pierre Boulez on grounds of listenability, one could be perhaps be forgiven for asking whether the Livre pour quatuor III performed here is valued chiefly for its difficulty, and if so, why that should be regarded as intrinsically valuable in the absence of greater musical interest.
Consequently, it was the sermon's unpredictability--its unique cache of listenability in an otherwise predictably liturgical setting--that made it an ideal place for ministers to rail against the inattentive behaviors they witnessed from their elevated pulpits.
But the quality of fluency (lack of), language, presentation and listenability of some pundits is reaching unacceptable levels.
Thus, usability research can be categorized as a message testing technique comparable to experimental copy testing, readability and listenability testing, focus groups, jury testing, and field testing/test marketing.