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 (lĭs′ə-nər-shĭp′, lĭs′nər-)
The audience of a radio program or station.


(Broadcasting) all the listeners collectively of a particular radio programme, station, or broadcaster


(ˈlɪs ə nərˌʃɪp, ˈlɪs nər-)

the people or number of people who listen to a radio station, type of music, etc.
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But the latest JNLRs, the official radio listenership figures, revealed the embattled Late Late Show host now trails Ray D'Arcy by 79 lis Himca 79,000.
A source said: "Everyone knows Pat is well loved and has a hugely loyal listenership.
Elsewhere at the national State broadcaster, more and more people are still talking to Joe with Liveline making a gain of 4,000, bringing the show's total listenership to 424,000.
And the latest JNLRs - the official radio listenership figures - revealed the The Late Late host is trailing morning rival Ray D'Arcy's 243,000 by 83,000.
Spirit Radio was launched in January 2011 and is the only commercial station that is not part of the JNLR, the official listenership survey.
Today With Pat Kenny saw a rise of 2,000 to 329,000 and Joe Duffy's Liveline made gains of 16,000 in the same period, bringing his total listenership to 414,000.