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An article or essay written in the form of a numbered list.

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They had gone on a long spell without a decent song and I was afraid that in two years, I, or someone else, would be writing a listicle titled "10 Kenyan Artistes Who Faded Away Without a Trace".
Anything that merits this reaction from me deserves a listicle.
The listicle, which is split into pioneers, artists, leaders, icons and titans, marks the 16th year for Time 100.
The writing continually mutates--from tale to listicle, from parody to philosophy, quasibiblical to outright farce.
The world is a happening place and while we were busy keeping up with what's happening around the world, in a recent listicle titled 10coolest places to go to in 2019" placed Pakistan in the list.
AQUAFABA Cooking liquid of beans and other legumes BOTNET String of computers co-ordinated to perform a task EW To express disgust or regret FACEPALM Act of putting your head in your palm out of frustration HIVEMIND Group thinking LISTICLE List of something online MACARON Small round cake NUBBER In baseball, a ball that is hit but does not travel very far SHEEPLE People who follow the crowd like sheep SHO Pronunciation of the word "sure" in the southern US but now used by hipsters TWERK Booty-shaking dance And some great new Q and Z words...
I wish I'd thought earlier to just make my own." From a listicle featuring the best writing about Remediated:
The palace shared a listicle documenting the royal marriages at Windsor in over 150 years.
Just quote "LISTICLE" for 20% off a course of treatment for an offer that is valid through May.
Last night, however, news erupted that for the Asian rendition of the listicle whose spots are the most coveted for young rising stars ...
The need for a comedy cat video, a Buzzfeed listicle or a What Colour Personality Are You quiz is just too great.