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An article or essay written in the form of a numbered list.

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I visited Indore 35 years ago, before it had ever seen a shopping mall or heard of a listicle or knew that viral keywords included "terrifying", "shocking" and "inspirational".
And so even if it still stings, we have slowly accepted the possibility that a listicle you spent maybe 30 minutes on is very likely to get way more hits than a story you slaved over for weeks.
The need for a comedy cat video, a Buzzfeed listicle or a What Colour Personality Are You quiz is just too great.
Consider that the only other situation where students would experience mandatory video is the forced advertising that's shown before a webpage will load or that is interspersed in a listicle.
This listicle first appeared on BookWitty, accompanying a review of The City Always Wins.
qmor3VAR7) BuzzFeed dedicated a listicle to Bush's love for socks in July 2014, with an entire slideshow of pictures of his festive ankle wear.
We developed our Listicle Format so that publishers can overcome challenges with creating relevant video for niche content, and are thrilled to have the leader in special-interest publishing on board as one of our early adopters.
In February 2015, The Huffington Post, an online news site, published a listicle titled "13 Reasons to Get to Nicaragua Before Everyone Discovers It.
Readers are just target groups one should trick into clicking on the next listicle.
A listicle is an article split into a few distinct pieces.
Just so this listicle isn't all doom and gloom, here's the latest round-up of hope from commentator Jonathan Chait.
To explore these issues, this article takes as a case study a 2014 Herald Sun listicle (article presented as a list) that compiles and celebrates ten photographs of footballers in drag from a range of eras.