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1. A computer program that automatically handles subscription requests and email delivery for members of a discussion group.
2. A file server that is used in the management of email for members of a discussion group.
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Appendices include: (1) Online Survey; (2) Cover letter; (3) ADCA update--email letter; (4) Listserver letter; (5) Direct mail letter to Peak Bodies and NGOs; and (6) Online Survey response statistics.
When you are using a public forum like a web-based user group or an IPC listserver, here's some advice.
To subscribe to the Yahoo groups listserver: The homepage for the listserver is: http://health.
Currently, to address both the needs of state health departments as well as public concern, the CDC now a) provides a centralized, coordinated response system for cancer cluster inquiries, b) supports an electronic cancer cluster listserver, c) maintains an informative web page, and d) provides support to states, ranging from laboratory analysis to epidemiologic assistance and expertise.
Another resource for people who have specific questions in the field of EM is a British-based listserver at the Univ.
In 2000, MEHA established a listserver to provide a communications link for agencies, and a year later it hired a consultant to develop a Web site.
Students continued the simulation from their individual email accounts in a listserver group during the following week.
A listserver (sometimes called a listserv for short back in the days that mainframe program names could accommodate a maximum of 8 characters) is software that manages Internet mailing lists.
The course home page and listserver were secured by access codes that only people in the course community knew, and at the end of the course, we gave everyone the option of removing all their work posted there before I taught the course again in the fall quarter.
The entire PCA-MPWG shares information and keeps in touch on significant issues via a listserver.
We market our listserver as a way for customers to keep up with what we're doing (new service packs, product releases, etc.