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The primary unit of currency in Lithuania before the adoption of the euro.

[Lithuanian litas, originally applied to the currency issued by the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic between 1922 and 1941 : lit-, after international names for Lithuania such as Russian Litva, Lithuania (from Old Russian, ultimately from Lithuanian Lietuva, of unknown origin ) + Lithuanian -as, masculine singular noun ending.]
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n, pl litai (ˈliːteɪ)
(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Lithuania, divided into 100 centai
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Noun1.litas - the basic unit of money in Lithuania
Lithuanian monetary unit - monetary unit in Lithuania
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When I first heard about them, I guessed that the name was short for something, like 'Angelitas' or 'Diablitas,' but no, they're just 'the Litas.'
The move allows the distribution of 128 million litas (37 million euros) which Lithuania pledged to earmark from 2013-2023 under a law adopted last year.
had purchased a 49.9% stake in the company for 9.6 million Litas (USD2.4 million).
The net external assets MFIs of Lithuania went up by 28 million litas over the month of January 2012 and were positive by the beginning of February, standing at 5.8 billion litas.
"This year 2000 kilometres of state-of-the-art copper cable will be purchased and laid for almost 10 million Litas", LT said in a statement.
In the third quarter of 2011, foreign direct investment (FDI) in Lithuania fell by 443 million litas (128.4 million euros) or 34.1 percent compared to the previous quarter, reports ELTA.
Draudimas, which holds just over half of the total insurance market in Lithuania, has a share capital of 13.96 million Litas (USD3.49 million) and assets of 39.97 million Litas.
The Lithuania-based manufacturer and seller of textile goods Linas AB operated with a loss totaling 465,424 litas (134,900 euros) in the first quarter of 2010, reports LETA.