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n.1.The state or quality of being literal.
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Without any endeavour to correct the literality of this opinion, Jasper surveys his companion--covered from head to foot with old mortar, lime, and stone grit--as though he, Jasper, were getting imbued with a romantic interest in his weird life.
It is the logical independence of meaning from figural association that reduces it to mere representation, producing according to Dawson, "the binary opposition between literality and nonliterality.
Disregarding the false literality of American values, he both distances and reconfigures achieved-utopian "America,' rather than idealize or accept submissively either the cultural and political domination of Americano-global imperial power or the "hype" of American spectacle and "uncultured.
From vantage points skilfully managed on the journey by our guide, the Dominican scholar, we take cognizance of such decisive dramatic events as abandonment of literality by Israel in favor of "love for .
Warren extends his consideration of the balance between the artistry of the imagination and the literality of the rational mind even to the form of the poem.
From an ACT perspective, experiential avoidance is posited as a natural part of human experience due to a socially maintained functional context of literality of language resulting in entanglement with private events (Hayes et al.
At the same time, the literality with which the exclusionary rule's opponents construe the Fourth Amendment reads not only the rule but the obligation not to apply unconstitutional legislation out of the Constitution.
So, too, do Blinky Palermo's Untitled (Stoffbild), 1969, with its translucent lapis fabric, Richard Tuttle's dyed Green Flag, 1967-71, prepossessing in its literality, Sheila Hicks's brainy, stainless-steel-thread-woven Convergence Vermala, 2004, or even Richard Prince's painting on a T-shirt, Untitled (t-shirt), 2009, make clear the extent to which such, a reliance is shared.
of playing with identity and spectatorship disrupts the literality of
Rimzon (presently settled in Kerala, he did not represent the regional, but rather conceptually en-routed it into the broader world of the "contemporary", transcending the romantic and expressionistic literality of regional experiences), Surendran Nair, K.
Below orthodoxy, it is apparent in the developed world that such literality can no longer be taken for granted, even among those who actually show up in houses of worship.
The language of these late prose works, obstinately refusing figuration, is continuously reduced to the physical, purely denotative sense--an "utterly bare" use of words, a language use displaying a "hidden literality," and termed "positivist" by Stanley Cavell, in its wish to escape connotation, rhetoric, the non-cognitive as well as "awkward memories of ordinary language.