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Noun1.literary critic - a critic of literature
critic - a person who is professionally engaged in the analysis and interpretation of works of art
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Give me their books, give me their studies, their memoirs, and though I am not a literary critic, yet I will prove as clear as day that every chapter and every word of their writings has been the work of a former landed proprietor of the old school.
"I grant that as authorities to quote they are most excellent - the two foremost literary critics in the United States.
Others had made the same attempt, and there was a household of Blenkers--an intense and voluble mother, and three blowsy daughters who imitated her--where one met Edwin Booth and Patti and William Winter, and the new Shakespearian actor George Rignold, and some of the magazine editors and musical and literary critics.
Panah Khalilov, a well-known scholar, literary critic and translator of Baku State University, has died at the age of 94, his relatives told APA.
The jury members of this year's Naguib Mahfouz Medal for Literature are Ibrahim Nasrallah, acclaimed writer, novelist, and literary critic; Hebba Sherif, writer, literary critic, and cultural consultant; Samah Selim, translator and associate professor of Arabic language and literature at Rutgers University in the US; Shereen Abouelnaga, literary critic and professor of English and comparative literature at Cairo University; and Humphrey Davies, award-winning translator of Arabic literature into English.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Feb 20 (ANI) Celebrated Hindi author and literary critic Namwar Singh died in the national capital late on Tuesday night.
They termed Qalandar Momand as the Dr Johnson of Pashto literature because of his close similarity with English literary critic because of his extensive study and influence on the readers.
Said was a Palestinian American academic, political activist and above all a literary critic. He was one of the first few scholars and thinkers who examined western literary canon, and in his famous book 'Orientalism' he maintains that a series of the assumption that the West made about the Orient was not only deeply flawed but also served the purpose of perpetuating the colonial project.
Scholars of English literature, literary critics, and fellow poets explore the work of Indian poet and literary critic Dominic.
Author Naomi Wolf tweeted Monday she will hold a vigil outside Yale University Provost's office Tuesday to protest inaction by the university over allegations of sexual misconduct against professors, including renowned literary critic Harold Bloom. 
As part of that effort, the city council of Budapest, which is dominated by Orban Fidesz party, will reportedly follow through on plans to remove a statue of the renowned Jewish literary critic and Marxist theoretician Gyorgy Lukacs, reported Le Monde.
Naheed Qasmi is a writer and literary critic. She is author of several books of literary criticism and has edited collections of poetry by her father Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi.