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 (lĭth′ärj′, lĭ-thärj′)
A yellow lead oxide, PbO, used in storage batteries and glass and as a pigment. Also called lead monoxide, massicot.

[Middle English litarge, from Old French, alteration of litargire, from Latin lithargyrus, from Greek litharguros : lithos, stone + arguros, silver (from the production of litharge as a byproduct of the extraction of silver from argentiferous galena); see arg- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Elements & Compounds) another name for lead monoxide
[C14: via Old French from Latin lithargyrus, from Greek, from lithos stone + arguros silver]
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(ˈlɪθ ɑrdʒ, lɪˈθɑrdʒ)

a yellowish or reddish poisonous solid, PbO, used chiefly in the manufacture of storage batteries.
[1350–1400; litarge < Middle French < Latin lithargyrus < Greek lithárgyros spume of silver]
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Greyfaced Dartmoor - PS76 The Litharge. Mule - PS77.50 Warksfield Head, PS77 Longlea, PS76.50 & PS74 Yatesfield, PS72 Redburn, PS68 Crowhall & Longlea, PS62 Crowhall & Longlea.
Various mineral products rich in trace metals can be mixed with henna such as mercury (zawaq), copper oxide (hadida), zinc oxide (Tutiya), and litharge PbO (limrataq) [23].
The main difference between traditional and new processing methods of pidan is whether a light yellow powder, litharge powder (PbO), is used or not in the pickle.
7###Hoplobatrachus tigerinus (Dahdara)###Paste made of powder of dried skin, litharge and honey is used for the dressing of broken horn and avulsion of horn.
* Lead Sub-Oxide, Red Lead and Litharge Manufacturing
There is benefit from the application of bread soaked in poppy head decoction, or in rose oil containing cerussa or litharge.
'lead': "Litharge is also employed as a drier in varnishes and in making sodium plumbite, which is used for removing malodorous thiols (a family of organic compounds containig sulfur) from gasoline." > El litargirio tambien se emplea como secante en barnices y en la fabricacion de plumbito de sodio, que se utiliza para la eliminacion de los tioles de la gasolina (los tioles constituyen una familia de compuestos organicos malolientes que contienen azufre).
Traditionally lead oxide (litharge) was used in the curing process during seal manufacture to increase steam resistance of fluorocarbon elastomers.
Finally users of skin products containing lead, such as litharge deodorant (65) or kohl eye shadow (66), may absorb sufficient lead through the skin to become lead intoxicated.