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adj. lith·er, lith·est
1. Readily bent; supple: lithe birch branches.
2. Marked by effortless grace: a lithe ballet dancer.

[Middle English, from Old English līthe, flexible, mild.]

lithe′ly adv.
lithe′ness n.
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Yet he took no notice whatever, merely continuing his pacing, swinging his head from side to side, turning lithely at each end of his cage, with all the air of being bent on some determined purpose.
This shield the valiant son of Zeus wielded masterly, and leaped upon his horse-chariot like the lightning of his father Zeus who holds the aegis, moving lithely.
There had been something dreadful in the noiseless skill of his cold, white hands, with the fingers lithely twisting about and twining one over another like serpents.
Both are lithely chiseled machines, with dynamic performance from behind the wheel and comfortable, thoughtful interior technology and appointments.
Tenders are invited for Construction Of Non-Reinforced Precast Arch Bridges ( Lithely Arch Bridge )At CH 59/340 A/C DhulgiNalah On Bhokarbardi - Dharni - Semadoh - Paratwada Road MSH- 14 & Bhokarbardi Dharni Harisal Paratwada Road MSH-14In KM 64/500 Tq.
But this rape-revenge thriller, headlined by the currently peerless Isabelle Huppert, will hopefully return him to the art-trash border that his best work treads so lithely.
The rather wet father is a lithely danced Tim Hill.
Then you bump out of the fields and slip as lithely on to the motorway.
Denis Matvienko thrilled the audience with a series of assemblAs in a circle around the stage, moving so quickly and lithely that he finished the turn almost before the audience caught their breath.
html) Mail Online showcases Catwoman lithely making her way down a fire escape in what seems to be another successful burglary.
It is the most assured and intriguing first novel by a Scottish writer that I have read in a decade, a book which is lithely and poetically written, politically and morally brave and simply unforgettable.
WE could only look in admiration and trepidation at the daredevil antics of the teenage free-runners who cavorted lithely over the top of the Foryd Bridge at Rhyl over the weekend.