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adj. lith·er, lith·est
1. Readily bent; supple: lithe birch branches.
2. Marked by effortless grace: a lithe ballet dancer.

[Middle English, from Old English līthe, flexible, mild.]

lithe′ly adv.
lithe′ness n.
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Noun1.litheness - the gracefulness of a person or animal that is flexible and supple
gracefulness - beautiful carriage
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مُرونَه، لين، رَشاقَه


(laið) adjective
(used especially of the human body) bending easily; flexible. as lithe as a cat.
ˈlitheness noun
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Saxon had not failed to note the litheness and grace in that lean and withered body.
There was an aspen in the orchard, the very embodiment of youth and spring in its litheness and symmetry.
Never mind the number of times we stepped on his toes or almost brought him down with the weight of one too many tea-time mandazis.The dance sessions lasted half a year, and while I found a poise and litheness I did not know I possessed, what ultimately stayed with me were the lessons on life I stumbled upon.
When Lisset Santander bourreed onstage as Myrtha in BalletMet's Giselle this past February, her consummate portrayal of the Queen of the Wilis was marked by steely grace and litheness. The former Cuban National Ballet dancer had defected to the U.S.
And I can only marvel at the litheness, grace and energy of the dancers.
You feel the poet's array of elements: sometimes gently meandering, sometimes open-ended like a heath, with poems composed to validate litheness. You see the limber syntactic maneuvers in the way his mind shifts, even within a single poem, from a focus on individual lives in precise moments in time to the diurnal gradations of trees or migratory birds or Constable-like clouds.
These are compositions suffused with a sense of quiet harmony: bright and almost joyous, exhibiting a litheness of spirit.
At the end of the performance, Cats received a standing ovation by the Empire audience as they too had been entranced by the litheness of the dancers and the clarity of the voices.
Russia has no appetite for taking sides in the Iranian-Saudi dispute, but pursuing parallel relationships with countries that are bitter regional rivals is a test of its resourcefulness and litheness.
The publications' flexible and fluid nature had a litheness that allowed producers to respond to political events and triggers.
The Evoque convertible has all the agility, litheness and capability of its coupe and five-door siblings.