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Lithe; lissome.


a less common word for lissom
[C18: from lithe + -some1]


(ˈlaɪð səm, ˈlaɪθ-)
lithe; lissome.
[1760–70; lithe + -some1]
lithe′some•ly, adv.
lithe′some•ness, n.
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Adj.1.lithesome - moving and bending with ease
graceful - characterized by beauty of movement, style, form, or execution
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It was richly illustrated with lithesome, delicate and charming characters I was in love with, or awful, dreadful and magnificent ones, forever terrifying.
Kudos to This Morning presenter Ruth Langsford who, at the age of 57, will compete for the glitter ball against the likes of Mollie King from The Saturdays, who's leggy and lithesome and lovely.
Which is fine if you're a lithesome young beauty happy to strut around like a human cowpat in your tiny denim hotpants and Hunter wellies.
Lithesome minstrels, Their mouths gaysome songs Of unfailing fuel.
Alongside Holly is her husband Dominic as Inspector Andre Thibault, Lawrence's 'secretary' and arranger who, along with the lithesome Sonya Morris as Muriel, lend much to the success of this tremendous production with another two fine performances.
You are so hot and intelligent and lithesome and taut," the judge read from the notebook, followed by an entry with sexual expletives.
But to me the magic of a six sinks in only when I see a tall, lithesome batsman dancing down the pitch to a well flighted delivery from a spinner and sends it over the sight screen.
Colourful, swirling, lithesome and very pretty Kandyan and Baratha Natyam and energetic low country dancers covering the whole grounds performed.
Live the album sounded lushly constructed awash with emotional depth and resounding with a soulful panache, Rowland's distinctive voice remained remarkably lithesome, hitting notes many maybe thought were beyond him.
And I don't mean to nitpick, but I saw not a single lithesome blonde with flowers in her hair, although I did spot several professional malcontents with the usual bees in their bonnets.
After two largely interior films peopled with mature characters, Rohmer returned in his last film, The Romance of Astrea and Celadon, to his long-favored world of lithesome youths and sun-flooded landscapes, and to the narrative template of his earliest cycle, the "Six Moral Tales," in which a man who is betrothed, married, or otherwise committed finds himself tempted by another woman, usually more alluring or dangerous (and darker) than the first.
Jon Deakin perhaps gives himself too much to do, as director and as a rather stiff Sarah the Cook, but full marks go to the lithesome and acrobatic Julie Bromage dance troupe, including young Samantha Eccles, as Kitty.