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lith·ic 1

Consisting of or relating to stone or rock.

lith·ic 2

Of or relating to lithium.
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1. (Geological Science) of, relating to, or composed of stone
2. (Geological Science) containing abundant fragments of previously formed rock: a lithic sandstone.
3. (Pathology) pathol of or relating to a calculus or calculi, esp one in the urinary bladder
4. (Chemistry) of or containing lithium
[C18: from Greek lithikos stony]
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(ˈlɪθ ɪk)

1. pertaining to or consisting of stone.
2. pertaining to clastic rocks containing a large proportion of debris from previously formed rocks.
3. of, pertaining to, or containing lithium.
[1790–1800; < Greek lithikós, derivative of líthos stone]
lith′i•cal•ly, adv.


a combining form used in the names of cultural phases in archaeology characterized by the use of a particular type of tool: Neolithic.
[see lithic]
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Adj.1.lithic - of or containing lithium
2.lithic - relating to or composed of stone; "lithic sandstone"
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