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A print produced by lithography.
tr.v. lith·o·graphed, lith·o·graph·ing, lith·o·graphs
To produce by lithography.

[Back-formation from lithography.]

li·thog′raph·er (lĭ-thŏg′rə-fər) n.
lith′o·graph′ic, lith′o·graph′i·cal adj.
lith′o·graph′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.lithographic - of or produced by or involved in lithography; "lithographic reproduction"


[lɪθəʊˈgræfɪk] ADJlitográfico


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In the same house there were also established, as I gathered from the plates on the door, a drawing-master, a coal-merchant (there was, certainly, no room for his coals), and a lithographic artist.
Contract awarded for lithographic printing of 1,000 brochures adoptions act with its regulations of the adoption law for the national council for adoptions
Inksolutions develops, manufactures and sells raw materials to the lithographic ink markets.
Illustrated with color images of vintage engravings throughout (some of the engravings were originally black-and-white; others were highlighted with color, an extraordinary feat for the time), The Engraving Trade in Early Cincinnati: With a Brief Account of the Beginning of the Lithographic Trade is a thoughtful study of how the engraving industry advanced the growth of Cincinnati in the nineteenth century.
The new writing head, called Lithographic Mode (LM) extends the IM system further.
After school, Keith gained City & Guilds qualifications in lithographic printing and platemaking and design for print, as well as an ONC in Business Studies, all helping him achieve the role he has of area sales manager.
We design custom and proprietary vehicle systems and black dispersions for lithographic ink companies and flush manufacturers.
What you need to know for safe equipment operation; a guideline for reducing risk of amputation and other serious injuries in the commericial lithographic printing industry.
The Novelis Technology and Innovation Centre in GA[pilcrow sign]ettingen, Germany, has received funding to help support development of a new aluminium sheet product that will enable customers in the lithographic printing industry to reduce energy usage.
One lithographic press (13 x 18) with two colors; 2.
The "resist" is a masking material used in the lithographic process that forms semiconductor circuits on a chip substrate.
The Daumier Register is a digital catalog of all his lithographic works, which number in the thousands.