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A print produced by lithography.
tr.v. lith·o·graphed, lith·o·graph·ing, lith·o·graphs
To produce by lithography.

[Back-formation from lithography.]

li·thog′raph·er (lĭ-thŏg′rə-fər) n.
lith′o·graph′ic, lith′o·graph′i·cal adj.
lith′o·graph′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.lithographic - of or produced by or involved in lithography; "lithographic reproduction"
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[lɪθəʊˈgræfɪk] ADJlitográfico
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In the same house there were also established, as I gathered from the plates on the door, a drawing-master, a coal-merchant (there was, certainly, no room for his coals), and a lithographic artist.
"I have only reached a form reduced to the essential through greater absoluteness and greater abstraction." The lithographic reproductions in this exhibition are taken from a special double issue of Verve.
Glover started his career with a large sheetfed lithographic carton manufacturer and a flexographic label converter.
One of only three known surviving examples of the original lithographic poster from the 1932 film, the piece set a film poster record more than 20 years ago when it fetched $453,500.
Sutherland Packaging's E-COMplete[TM] program incorporates lithographic printing that avoids the need to mount a lithographic label over corrugated substrates.
The collection also includes seven lithographic prints created by the artist during his two-year stint in London at the Saint Martin Central School of Art.
Dickinson is a full-service book manufacturer and printing service provider offering a range of capabilities including sheet-fed lithographic printing, heat-set web lithographic printing, digital printing, and services such as warehouse and fulfillment services, and perfect binding.
Caption: Vincent Aderente, after Frances Adams Halsted, Columbia Calls," color lithographic poster (c.
John Jilek is president of Inksolutions, a Chicago-based company selling ink vehicles, overprint varnish and additives to the lithographic ink maker.
They were created through a painstaking process where a picture would start life as a black and white negative and each new colour would be added using a different asphalt-coated lithographic stone.
Rainbow has invested heavily in the past few years, including PS2.5m in Heidelberg lithographic presses and a new digital printing press which was installed late last year and the business deals with organisations across the UK.